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#5019944 Discussion: Resource Gathering as a genre

Posted by on 10 January 2013 - 12:38 PM

I guess the main focus of the topic would then be HOW does the player interact with the things he has collected.

As Orymus3 mentioned, the game became dull because the formula of the game revolved around improving the same mechanic that gave you the resource.


Maybe the thing to do would be to gather resources which can be used in a wide variety of ways, such as wood. Wood has the potential to become furniture, fuel, buildings, weapons, tools; many things which could be useful in other ways.


I guess the challenge is to code a lot of interactivity with the things you create.

#4996616 Survival/Adventure RPG Idea!

Posted by on 02 November 2012 - 12:16 PM

I've been designing a game for some time now. A lot of developers regard magic as a multi-elemental force with many variables, and box melee in one dull category. This game is here to change that.

  • Medieval Fantasy Setting (how original : P)
  • Gameplay is top-down (Think Pokemon games, including graphics) world in where you do various activities for survival and skill-up (logging, mining, fishing and such), Perhaps something similar to minecraft in that regard.
  • The game is singleplayer (since i cant possibly consider multiplayer at all because of the difficulty of it) and focuses on the adventures of your character as he visits the legendary blacksmith of the town whose missions are about using your skills in combat or resource gathering to get the ingredients he needs to make you better equipment and weapons.
  • A quest system similar to Grand Theft Auto's (Something I've seen used seldom) in where you take missions but meet other people who will then have their own mission storyline so you can decide whose missions you want to finish first.
  • The game ends once you completed all the storylines which will open up the final quest that ends up in you slaying a dragon (The gameplay is the primary focus, so i consider the story to be good if well executed, even if its not original)
  • Real time combat similar to TLOZ for NES, except with different skills.
There is magic in the world, in the form of NPC's such as enemies, allies and magical creatures, however; the player CANNOT use magic.


Attacking and Blocking
Basic Attacks can be performed by left clicking while holding a weapon in one of your weapon slots. Each weapon has a specific attack cooldown. Basic Attack cooldowns do not interfere with Ability cooldowns. Blocking can only be performed while holding a shield in one of your weapon slots. All shields have a toggle mode for shielding, being active as long as the button is pressed, overwriting any offensive ability.

Abilities are combat movements learned by your character that apply besides your basic attack. Some abilities are learned by completing quests, others can be looted from scrolls and found in the Gameworld, and others can be learnt by getting to certain skill in the specific weapon.

Each kind of weapon has its unique secondary condition and stats which affect its effectivenes, such as swords being brittle making them sharper but with less duration.
  • Sword weapons: Bleeding
  • Axe Weapons: Higher Crit chance
  • Club Weapons: Armor penetration
  • Polearm Weapons: "Agression" condition in where the enemy lowers its defense and attack speed or such.
  • Shields: Chance to block 100% of the attack's damage. (Normaly you cannot mitigate damage completely with shields)

Would you play it?

There are a lot more assets that could be discussed up to what i have designed. If you want the full read you can check it out here:

Ill put some more images with the concept. Thanks for your time.
Posted Image
Posted Image