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In Topic: Windows 10 is hideously ugly, any tips on how to fix?

Today, 06:31 PM

People just want to have the option to uninstall these extra features


Not even that, the option to not have them running probably would be more than enough.

In Topic: Random Access Nagging Thread: basic browser/web usability and security

Today, 10:50 AM

Just reading this thread but... oh dear the Gmail selection bug is back? I recall just permanently switching to the simple interface because I got upset of how often the Gmail client would bug up badly every so often (by that I mean like every week or two). I had forgotten about it by now because of how long ago I had switched (the simple interface is much less buggy, even if it lacks some features). Ugh.

In Topic: Killing off Flash and the impact that would have

Today, 10:46 AM

I've seen those same performance issues on desktop too (some features being worse than others - 3D transformations in CSS are effectively a no-no if you don't want your framerate to go below 1FPS, seriously). Mind you, I've noticed that the worst performance issues come from using tons of needless javascript to the point it's about as complex as a native program (disabling javascript made all slow sites I've tried to suddenly become extremely lean), interpreter optimization won't be enough to get rid of this.


So: avoid some of the new features for now (you have to go and try for now), avoid messing with the DOM (that tends to be a big offender when you update it) and avoid having more scripting than really needed. At least this will keep things mostly in check.

In Topic: Windows 10 is hideously ugly, any tips on how to fix?

Today, 10:27 AM

Two pages ago already but:

Cortana and XBox integration are signatures features of Windows 10. It's not clear to me why on Earth they would make those uninstallable.

The people who want these off are mostly people who are upgrading from an older version. They want the ability to run newer software and keep security patches and such (which means they eventually have to update) but they don't really care about the new stuff usually (especially stuff that can be seen as getting in the way instead of just being there as an extra feature at the side).

In Topic: Killing off Flash and the impact that would have

22 July 2015 - 07:34 PM

Not surprising, when you consider Microsoft and Apple are probably the two who would less want non-restricted technologies to proliferate (remember that the whole deal here is that the MPEG codecs are patented while the OGG codecs aren't, meaning that anybody implementing the former legally would have to pay license fees and be required to implement any DRM the companies want while the latter wouldn't).