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Forums about font design?

23 August 2015 - 12:04 PM

I'm not exactly a professional font designer nor I intend to be, but I do occasionally design fonts (e.g. see Cyber-o-ise), and sometimes I'd wish I could discuss stuff about making fonts but I don't know a place where to ask. E.g. one thing I want to ask is how to handle kanji in a monospace font, those are too wide and would need two cells instead of one (good enough for the intended purpose, i.e. column alignment) but then it wouldn't be strictly monospace anymore, right? (bispace?)


Anyway, so here's a question: does anybody here happen to know a good forum where I could talk to other people making fonts? I know I could search around (in fact I am) but I wondered if somebody had any place in particular to recommend.

I'm being trolled by my own game

05 June 2015 - 08:55 PM

  • Try to implement scaling of a new sprite in Miniplanets
  • Spend all day figuring out why it doesn't cover the entire scaling range
  • Give up, go away for a few hours
  • Return, try the game to see where I left
  • ...and the scaling is working as intended

What the-?

Help with CSS and fonts

27 May 2015 - 06:55 PM

And this is when I wish we had a web design forum (・_・)


Trying to test some new fonts I'm designing by rendering them into a page, but I have a problem. Using them as-is, I get some more gap than needed since line-height is not 1em by default, alright. But using 1em doesn't work either, because there's some extra spacing above the ascent that isn't taken into account as part of the em calculation. Highlighting the text does show that the browser sees this extra spacing properly (the highlight covers the exact spacing I want), however, so the font definitely has the correct configuration.


Here's the question: is there a reliable way to get the line height to match exactly the font's height (full height, not just 1em) or do I have to specify this manually for every font?


EDIT: oh and before I forget, the kind of people who'd be more likely to look at that stuff are also most likely going to have their browsers up to date or nearly up to date, so if it's something that relies on new CSS features it's usually OK (as long as it doesn't require enabling some setting in about:config or something like that).

Looking for a good sound card

07 April 2015 - 08:03 PM

A friend asked me information about good sound cards since he wants to build a computer for composing (actually he plans to build a recording room). He has a Korg PA600 keyboard and plans to use that keyboard with it. I don't really know anything about sound cards so I'm wondering: what suggestions do you have? (suggestions on the other parts of the computer are welcome too)

Results from an improvised playtesting session

02 April 2015 - 09:14 PM

I was showing my game to some people and there was a 9 years old girl who demanded playing it so I decided to just go ahead and let her play until she got tired and see what would happen (not like it'd help me much since the game is practically finished anyway). Quick reminder, the game in question doesn't have any tutorial of any sort, it just throws you in straight into the first level (and hopes the level design makes up for it).


Skill: gonna be blunt, she didn't seem even remotely accustomed at platformers at all, at least traditional ones (maybe endless runners on mobile?), at the beginning she didn't even dare to move left (!?), and that lasted much longer than I could have ever expected. She improved rather quickly though, by the time she reached the first checkpoint she had a rather rough control of Sol (still reacting somewhat slowly, but obviously enough to get that far). By the end she had even figured out that crouching can help dodge some attacks, and that one of the power-ups is used to break some floors and allows access to some rooms with items.


Frustration: she didn't take very long to complain that it was very hard =P It still didn't stop her and she got to the first proper checkpoint some minutes later. I swear I keep getting this reaction from people, they complain like it was impossible then they make some serious progress some minutes later anyway (rather than just giving up). Having infinite lives probably helps though (but you still only respawn at checkpoints).


Controls: she figured out the basic controls in like a couple of seconds =P When she found a power-up the first thing she tried was press ↓ (this crouches), then press ↑ (this makes Sol looks up). She got it right in the third try (double jumping). Again, she didn't seem to even consider the possibility of other keys... like basically everybody else who tried the game except for one guy (quick conclusion: players won't bother trying more than beyond the original control set, at least unless you tell them otherwise)


Miscellaneous: when she found a breakable platform and she missed it (she overshot the jump and kept running after landing) she realized that the platform would most likely respawn and waited for it. Huh.


Also for posterity, when she left the computer the game was in this state:




That wait animation was so worth it XD




Addenum: girl took over the computer again and spent like a whole hour playing the game o.O; (and got to level four now, albeit not without cursing a lot at me first =P) I don't think I need to say more at this point...