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#5169056 Anyone here a self-taught graphics programmer?

Posted by on 25 July 2014 - 12:57 AM



I am a self taught Graphics/Shader programmer. In India, we don't get luxury of having university courses dedicated to Games or Graphics. By the time you get good at math, you don't even know why you are doing Laplace's transfom & where it is used in pratice... Its just the fact that "How is this done?" made me take up graphics programming & C++ to learn new exciting stuff ...


My Story so far ...


1. Get overwhelmed by seeing what people have been doing, wondering how they did it

2. Study, take each topic at once, there is a huge mountain to climb & you always start at the base

3. Get more overwhelmed as each day passes by

4. Study more, implement stuff, keep learning

5. Even more overwhelmed

6. Tell it to yourself that one day you will reach there ....  (After all , this journey has been awesome knowing there is still so much to learn ! )



#5099492 3DSMAX .3DS Format with Directx 9

Posted by on 08 October 2013 - 02:02 AM

There you go, this one is great tutorial :




site also has md2 & md3 loaders as well for reference.



#5006053 Setting up Collada DOM 2.4.0 in VS 2010

Posted by on 01 December 2012 - 11:40 AM

Hi TheGoozah,

I got the Collada-Dom 2.4.0 compiled using both vs2008 & vs2010. Its not as straight as it sounds though.

*Static Lib Steps :
1. Get rid of domAny.h & domAny.cpp file from the project. ( Simply exclude )
2. In project properties, "Additional Include Directories", use "..\..\external-libs\minizip-1.1" instead of "..\..\external-libs\minizip\include" directory.
3. Project Properties>>C/C++>>Language, set "Disable Language Extension" to "NO" ( please google for the explanation )
4. Project Properties>>Librarian>>General>>Additional Library Directories" to ..\..\external-libs\libxml2\win32\lib , ..\..\external-libs\zlib-1.2.5 , ..\..\external-libs\minizip\win32\lib, is empty. it was empty in my case.
5. Last but most important, you should get compilation error saying missing or cannot find "unistd.h" file. Simpy head to "libxml2\include\zconf.h" & replace "unistd.h" by "io.h" ( Please refer to Google for explanation )

These steps got me the static lib for Collada Dom, strange to see that default download has these issues ( unless I did something terribly wrong )
Nevertheless, you should have debug & release versionof static lib available once you build the project. As per the DLL, you need to make sure that there exists minizip1.1 lib in project properties, by default its for minizip default version. Compiling the minizip1.1 will give you the required lib.

Hopefully this will solve your issue just like me.


#4968638 DirectX app topping out at 60fps

Posted by on 12 August 2012 - 01:56 AM

My search for this is over now ... Posted Image