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#4844193 Criticism rant

Posted by on 03 August 2011 - 02:00 PM

I might get flamed here. But I need to steam off.

When people accuse artists that they can't take criticism and that they are the reason that aids exist is just bullshit. Before you criticize someones work, you need to think before you write. Oddly enough talking goes faster while writing you can read it over again to check if it's alright. Yes, I've been here before. I've gotten better in art. But it was not because people downrated me and told me that the art is bad. It's because I've grown personally and got used to the software that I am using. I have still more to learn though. So a few days ago I sold my first artpiece. It encouraged me to work even more.

Some people, and even people that want them free stuffs handed to them, have too far fetched dream of every single art being their perfect style. I say perfectionists. Screw your style, just say something to do in detail but don't hang over my personal brushing style. It's what makes me. Art is personal. And I am a person. If you don't want it, good luck, there are plenty others that might like it or take it as it is because they are not playing the art director.

/rant off

P.S. You gotta have a real interesting game going if you want me to work for free. Work is money. I could do something else to get income instead of working for a mega boss with his own ambitious.

What I'm saying is people have to play nice with eachother. And if you don't appreciate someones art don't say it harshly. If you had a bad day keep it to yourself, don't let innocent people who want to help be your puppet.