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In Topic: How big is your project?

07 October 2016 - 05:28 PM

     719 text files.
     388 unique files.
     408 files ignored.

github.com/AlDanial/cloc v 1.70  T=2.00 s (176.5 files/s, 40714.0 lines/s)
Language                         files          blank        comment           code
C++                                160          14436           6583          32110
C/C++ Header                       188           7051           7337          13611
HLSL                                 3             65            109            113
Windows Resource File                1              3              8              1
Markdown                             1              0              0              1
SUM:                               353          21555          14037          45836

45836 / 353 = 130 lines per file ...doesnt sound right, are ppl counting headers?

c++ alone is 32110/160 = 200

In Topic: Weitght vs speed when considering damage output

05 September 2016 - 12:10 PM




An early result is due to Newton; the impact depth of any projectile is the depth that a projectile will reach before stopping in a medium; in Newtonian mechanics, a projectile stops when it has transferred its momentum to an equal mass of the medium. If the impactor and medium have similar density this happens at an impact depth equal to the length of the impactor.

For this simple result to be valid, the arresting medium is considered to have no integral shear strength. Note that even though the projectile has stopped, the momentum is still transferred, and in the real world spalling and similar effects can occur.

In Topic: Weitght vs speed when considering damage output

04 September 2016 - 01:36 PM

Not accurate, just needs to make sense.


Perhaps a "Density" attribute to make impact attacks stronger/weaker.

Im thinking really in the upgrades, to make an arm better: change the material, stronger engine, make it lighter, etc..

In Topic: Tactics RPGs with an actual "game" (world exploration, etc)?

29 August 2016 - 03:42 PM

Hmmm, having a hard time thinking on how to compute amount of cover giving shooter vs target position and objects inbetween..


If I have a Shooter ----> wall -> target, I have 0% visibility, but if I circle 45 degrees around target I get 50%, at 90 degrees I have 100%, sounds right? Id interpolate the angles.




But then:


Not that simple.


Worst problem is, I was all happy about doing it free movement instead of grid/tile based, instead of moving blocks, Id have amount of displace per agility points. Showing a cirlce around the player. But than how Id compute visibility?


Maybe I just dont, I can just make an 'off angle range' based on player aim (an random ranged error from target angle) and actually shoot a projectile with collider?

In Topic: Tactics RPGs with an actual "game" (world exploration, etc)?

27 August 2016 - 08:26 AM

Didnt knew, just played a bit on GBA, its cool.