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In Topic: "So... What do you do?"

27 August 2015 - 04:24 AM

To me its not the specifics they want to know..


# What do you do?

- Im a game developer: I do programming and 2D art geared for games


# OMG thats so cool, I heard its the area that most get money! Why dont you make an awesome game and get millionaire???!!!

-Its every game dev wish, but you see, its easier said than done..


# Really? But minecraft was done by one dude, what gives?...

- Fuck you

- I kid..Well you see, Hollywood actors also gets lots of money, I dont see ppl asking every actor they know why theyre not famous and getting lots of money..I dont see ppl asking writers to make movies and get millionaire, ppl have the clue that getting there is hard and not every actor/writer is a big shot in the area..Its kinda like this for game dev.


# Oh..I see..But to be able to make your own games, still so cool! What games have you done??

- Fuck you..

- I kid..Well you see, I only start stuff, get half way or less trough it and dont finish it..I dont have anything presentable. I have worked on a few projects that didnt get launched..yet..or maybe never will...you know..


# >.>"...

- e_e;


In Topic: My grave mistake of upgrading to Windows 10

12 August 2015 - 04:19 AM

Why ppl are always so desperate to get to the newest version of everything? Am I the only one who keep observing everyone going nuts till the things get stable? Why be the guinea pigs? (Why pre-buy stuff?)


New stuff is doomed to fail hard till get fixed.

In Topic: The new 'Disallowed topics' rule

05 August 2015 - 04:29 PM

Im not going to read everything here, but I dont like the new rules. Let ppl argue..Good stuff always come out of hot discussions. Let ppl talk about anything they want. A discussion getting hot is just natural, happens in real life too, why be so fanatic/sensitive about it?


I enjoyed the gamergate ones..you know, seeing ppls point of view is always a great insight, even if theyre flaming someone.

In Topic: Why there are no comments under topics with made games?

05 August 2015 - 04:03 PM

TIGSource is the best forum for getting feedback on your game(s), imo.

Gamedev is the best for technical stuff.

In Topic: Fixed-size windows

09 July 2015 - 08:46 AM

When Im doing custom tools like level and sprite animation editors that export to my engine, I dont give a shit about UI, its all shortcuts (thats how someone who master a tool uses the software anyway, in the end you know all shortcuts and do minimal use of mouse, so why would I, as the only user of my tool, worry about that?) 


But sometimes, I need to receive input, like set the duration and choose between options, thats when I need a GUI. Since my tools are all made for my engine with my engine (so that I know how it will look/act exactly etc.) its all native C++.

What I do is create lots of modeless dialog boxes that popup when you click in the element you want to edit.. Its the easiest way. So I create it using VS resource editor..all win 32 mess.


I do that cause Im under the impression that interacting native code with .Net is a frigging monster of its own, so its not worth it.. All the times I start reading on how to do it I go "fuck this shit...too much for too few" and give up on that C++/CLI  and DLLs(?) shit...


Using external libs is a nightmare, you basically add stuff to the list of things you need to maintain (new version?..great), plus learn stuff you rather not...


What would you do in my place? Is it easy to interact c++ with .net and Im just a pussy?