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In Topic: Start creating an efficent ruleset for a game, end up pondering quantum physics

20 October 2014 - 05:01 PM

I was designing a post apocalyptic game, and I wanted it to deal with character management, not only battle-wise.

I basically wanted the character to take care of eating, pooping, hygiene, weather(body temperature), etc.


By the end of the WEEK, I have studied everything about nutrition, discretizing food into : proteins, carbos, fibers, minerals, vitamins, fats; each with their respective purposes and consequences if theyr missing; how much it take to digest food (from mouth to anus), dehydration consequences, hydration vs body temperature, body water consumption, how (not)sleeping affects mind, rest vs sleep...


 I like knowing stuff like that..so I keep going.

In Topic: Steam OS survey - reflection of reality?

18 October 2014 - 11:02 PM

cheaper: linux or pirate win, win, mac

easier to use: win, mac, linux


Doesnt that pretty much explains everything?


Plus, is commom knowledge that windows is the gamer platform for home computers. One does not by a mac "to play games".

In Topic: What can we do to help remove the industry misconception?

18 October 2014 - 02:14 PM

I already though a lot about why the differences exist, and came with lots of resolves.

Theres a lots of serious problems with sexism, and those fields gender percentage are really not one of them (theyr consequences).


The problem starts with woman being physically weaker, with is a fact we FORCE WAY TOO MUCH DOWN PPLS THROATS.

Females being generally/average weaker doesnt justify 90% of the way theyre rised and treated. THERES NO VIRTUE IN FRAGILITY.


If we where to justify the current differences in the "weaker" factor, than I simply debunk it by saying: then lets treat everyone based on theyr physicall attributes, obviously there are some mans that are weaker than some womans, even if they not the average case.


Did you ever  realize how moronic, sexist and meaningless is the phrase " a man who hits a girl is a coward ":

#1 - cause girls are weaker than man? so its common sense to change it by " a man who hits a weaker person is a coward "

#2 - so its ok to hit a stronger person... wait what??


To backup that line of thinking I went searching for cultures where woman went to the battlefield, I found about the Mongols, women went to war but not as much as man, woman did occupy more important posts on their societys compared to other cultures, though not as much as men, it totally fits.

I also find about a natives tribe where women occupy the same posts as men, even if theyr phisically demanding, and guess what, the equality exists for everything else:

# its normal/commom to womans go after the man they like for relationships as much as men

# theyre not considered sluts for dating lots of mans, etc.

I dont remember the tribe name, I just remember a lot of religious dumb fucks calling them pagans and telling they going to hell.


The problem is on the essence, you cant have equality on some stuff, the equality should be for everything, if there must be 'classification', than instead of separating by gender (with is total bullcrap, its way too generalized), we need to separate by the the specific case the gender is being accused for, being weaker is not exclusive to woman, is a hell of a generalization and is taken way too far. If tits is a problem for something, than deny ppl with tits, not woman, what? theres girls who almost dont have tits, and fat ppl with tits, Im seriously. And no, Im not telling to take pregnant women to carry heavy stuff, if men would get pregnant I also wouldnt want they to carry heavy stuff.


They rised to be glass statues ( in worse cases a statue that a man will take care of ), and a huge deal of theyr life is dedicated to stay shinny and polished. I cant imagine a woman in science field spending more than an hour in the front of a mirror doing make up. Thats a hell of a waste of time in something incredible futile (and its getting worse with time, not better, man are getting more into this shit) And yes, it CERTAINLY IS FUTILE, its a thing with no real value but the cultural ones we invented for it. Wouldnt it be a relieve to all woman if society consider them as pretty without the need for makeup? Ppl in future will not believe the amount of time wasted with useless stuff like this. We should stop at hygiene.


Womans dont even run to take a bus, because they have a stupid high heels or/and theyr bra was chosen thinking on beauty and not on the "this shit will hold my tits in the case I need to run like thunder".

Womans walk on streets facing down, because if they look at a man faces, it means they want his dick..god knows why. (Then if you walk with a woman with you, all other womans will look at you just like man do, because since you already have a girl, its "safe" to look.)


Thing goes as far that the few womans I met in real life that stricked me as unalienated end up being lesbians...ironic huh? they where just as alienated.. they werent getting away from theyr stupid stereotype, they where trying to look like man, "cause man are like that". e_e


Am Im the only who prefer sara conors/ellen riplays instead of popular cheer leaders? sarah conor and ellen riplay gangin up on cheer leaders, thats like the perfect sexual fantasy.



Said all that, Im obviously not saying that current culture is rising the perfect man, theres lots of shit too, that was my take on women in our culture. I do think situation is way worse for women. And thats not mens fault, children are rised by both men and women. Problem is always alienation, ppl cant take theyr head out of established standards. It starts with "blue is boys color, pink is girls color" instead of "today, ppl consider blue is for boys, pink is for girl, for no real reason"

In Topic: What can we do to help remove the industry misconception?

18 October 2014 - 12:13 AM

Someone post the link to that vid where the black dude answer a question made to a girl sit next to him "why theres no women into science".


The fault is not on the specific group ("game industry"), its the entire culture.



not really made to the cheek, but heres the vid:


In Topic: Recent and not so recent gems you've discovered

04 October 2014 - 07:02 PM

Just Cause 2..found about it trough someone mentioning avalanche studios in a post here on gamedev.


maybe better than GTA ph34r.png  (ok, I didnt played gta V yet)


The map is humongous, the gameplay is awesome:


- grappling hook that can hook you to anything solid in the game (so imagine batman games without fixed grappling hook locations);

- infinite parachute, using the hook you can propel urslef and open the parachute for insta flight (yeah, not realistic...who gives a fuck);

- the map is ridiculously enormously huge;

- in gta games, piloting aerial vehicles sucked balls cause due LOD you couldnt shoot things from far, shoots would vanish before hit anything, plus you wouldnt see anything either,

 this game handle this MUCH better;

- in gta games, finding 'cool' vehicles is a miracle, or you use cheats.. this games is full of military bases, and airports, so getting military vehicles or planes is normal;


You see, the place is sorta like Cuba (not that I know Cuba, that was probably racist, >.> the way I imagine Cuba), so its military owned full of the evil armys bases and rebels.



- It doesnt have much variety of cars or weapons. (the country is poor so mostly cars are shit). like when in gta you find this super cool car and go steal it, thats not much the point of the game, "owning stuff". Its more for the insta fun, gameplay focused.


The map man..the map..is huge.