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New to programming? and need a extra hand getting your brain around things?

10 September 2013 - 07:12 AM



( Moderators, I´m sorry if this is the wrong subcategory )


So, i have been "Mentoring" a few random dudes over the years. And it come to the point where i new some new "Rokkies" to mentor.

This all started a long time ago when i saw a post about "Mentoring some one in your field", and found it pretty interesting, after that i continued to do it all along to gain the experience of teaching to someone else. 


So what I am looking for some rokkie from the European timezone, Preferably in Scandinavia. How it has been working so far, is that we have a chat over skype or mail, and you basically just pound questions, and i help you with some of your problems you might end up having. 


Some have wanted some tasks to do, some have wanted to rather pick own tasks and then work on them. itś all up to you. But you have to be pretty self going.


What i would require from you :

You are dedicated, I Don´t want anyone who will stop because itś hard.

You speak English or Swedish. English is kind of like, required anyway since programming is mostly done in English.



And some basic stuff about me :

I´m working in the industry with AAA games. Main focus have been Engine & Graphics, And Graphics is my major Field.

I´m doing this because it gives pretty good communication skills as well as the ability to explain problems, solutions and technical breakdowns. And its a lot of fun to.


So, Give me a PM if there is any interest from you. Tell me where you live, and something about yourself.


Need a extra help with your coding?

17 August 2012 - 05:21 PM


So, some year ago i came up with this idea of helping rookies with their programming to expand my comuncation & mentoring skills!

Since then, i have help´t some rookies with their different stuff they would like to code. Not actualy writing their code, but to stand on the side and help them in a mentoring way, explaning, giving tips and hints on what to do.
This have come with some good responses and i would like to do it again (due to all the rokies are not so much rokies any more)

the main and only reason im doing this is beacuse of that i allways would like to expand my experiances in evey possibleway! and i found out
that this was pretty darn good at that.

Who i am?
I am some guy who love programming and work with it professionaly in the game industry. (and have been for a while)
my primary working areas is Engine & Rendering. but i still know a few tricks about most that involves game development.

Who should you be?
A rookie with a passion for games/coding and motivation to learn. (i cannot motivate you, im sorry. and i wont)
YOU NEED to be with in my timezone gmt +1 ( i acctualy need to sleep, unlike other coders )

other than that i would like to say to every body who´s interessted in doing this to reply in this thread, where you live and what type of stuff you are aiming for.

-- IF i posted this in the wrong forum, please move this thread.

[C++/GameProgramming] - Need help to get started?

19 March 2012 - 04:21 PM

No more, sorry!


I´m a experianced coder looking for some new challenges (aswell to work on my explenation & teaching skills)
So my best idea was to actualy try to teach a random person to code both game´s and Engines... or some thing!

I have been coding Engines (and some games) since seven years back now, and the last three have been in the Game industry.
So, If you are a new to programming (just picked up programming or have been with it for a time) and are willing to learn more or just to have
programming diskussion im up for it.

My primary area is Engine Rendering and Engine optimization.
I live in sweden so if you are from sweden or around that is a big plus due to timezones.

Give a post here on this thread if this is something for you and tell me about your self.

And to the moderatos :
I dident feel the "Help wanted" section was so good for this topic.


DXT1 encoding

23 January 2012 - 12:43 PM


im working on a dxt1 encodre, and i have some questions reguarding this.

1 : is this the correct way dxt1 do the encoding.
-1 break down texture into 4x4 tiles.
-2 for each tile, find the brihtest and darkest color.
-3 encode these to into 5.6.5 bit values.
-4 interpolate the texels with the brightest/darkest colors
-5 save the texels in 2bit

2 : Is there any one sitting on some good psudo code or papers on
how dxt1 works in detail?

3 : is it supposed to have the 2 colors in big endian format or litle endian format?

Thanks in advance!

Help with your programming

11 September 2011 - 06:08 AM

Hello, i made a post in the "Help Wanted" forum, and just saw this part of the forum,
so im just linking my original post!

A must read for new programmers.