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In Topic: Handling Turns in a Turn-Based Game

09 February 2013 - 05:00 PM

Also I've found (as a hobby developer) if I spend too much time designing and not coding...its easy to get sidetracked with everything else in my life and not advance my project while I wait for "THE design"


Fortunately, the game is basically designed. It's nothing too complex, so we're pretty fortunate on that. Thanks for the advice, though. That's actually how I've begun to proceed.


Basically, at heart, it's just a token-passing system. Pass the "Active" token to each object in turn, and when they are done with it hand it on down the line. Exactly how you structure this, though, is really dependent upon your game.


Awesome, thank you! It's not exactly what I need for the type of game I'm making, but that definitely gives me a few ideas. I'll update later.

In Topic: Handling Turns in a Turn-Based Game

08 February 2013 - 09:36 PM

Haven't made any progress so far. I'm not looking for actual code, just some ideas on how to structure the code.


So far, all I've really got is that it would make sense to write a function + helper functions which handle the actions. But I've never written anything like this, so I'm not sure exactly how or where to handle the actual turns. Should they be handled directly in the main loop, or should I deliberate the turns to a separate function?


I'm not too sure what to do here, so sorry if I seem a bit incoherent.