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#4848769 C++ or another language

Posted by PaladinJohn on 13 August 2011 - 04:12 PM

I'm a fellow new programmer, so keep in mind my advice is coming from another person navigating the same sea of choices and challenges you are but...

Two years ago I thought I'd go full force and teach myself C++ to break into game programming despite all the nay-sayers. After about 3 months, my greatest accomplishment was a text based version of Blackjack and I hit a wall, giving up soon afterwards.

Being the stubborn person I was, I picked up programming again about a month or so ago, but this time I decided to try something easier with Python. I learned everything I had learned from C++ in Python in about 3 days, and after 2 weeks of diving into Python I had created my first game, a simple top down shooter. This is also learning the language between a job and taking care of my daughter, so it's not like I had tons of time to devote to it. While Python does have a few limitations I took for granted while learning C++, I'm proud of my choice.

What I would suggest for you is to take a moment, step back, and look at your progress. If you're still making progress, no matter how slow, keep at it. C++ is a very useful language to know no matter how frustrating it is to learn. If you ever find yourself hitting a wall, don't give up. Learn C# if that's what interests you. Learn another language. Learn, learn, learn, and you will be surprised at what you are able to do and the skills you have acquired. I do one day plan to go back to C++, but not until I can competently and reliably program in Python.

#4848070 Problem creating an .exe with py2exe

Posted by PaladinJohn on 11 August 2011 - 08:41 PM

My problem seems like a pretty simple issue, but I don't have any idea how to go about fixing this. I'll show the problem and list the steps I've taken so far in order to fix it.

After creating a game using python 2.7, I tested the game and it worked flawlessly without any bugs. Deciding that I wanted to redistribute it to a few of my friends I looked up some info on what I would have to do and eventually found py2exe. After carefully following all of the directions and creating my .exe, it failed to run. Running it through command line I got the following errors:


(Although I'm sure it's obvious, the name of my program is footBallHell.)

So, clueless as to what to do next I searched up google and found this similar problem on the python forums:


After reading that I dug around through the Python folder and went to:


and found a file listed as "_view.pyd"

I believed that this was the file in question that was missing so I copied it into the dist folder hoping it would solve the problem. Unfortunately, it didn't. So, afterwards I went and added it into the directory with the rest of the relevant files as well as the setup.py program I used to create the executable so the program read as follows:

from distutils.core import setup
import py2exe

setup(console = ["footBallHell.py"],
  	data_files=[('.', ["attack.ogg",

After running the setup.py program, it did include the _view.pyd file in the dist folder, but still would not run.

So, I believe I either have the wrong file or there is something else I need to do in order to get the program to run. What I am asking is if there is any one out there that might know how to fix this issue, or, at worst, inform me of another way I can create an executable for Windows out of my python programs that I can distribute to my friends.