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Member Since 13 Apr 2009
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Topics I've Started

AncelScript vs VS2010(64BIT)

09 June 2011 - 08:33 PM

Just a small list of issues working on getting angelscript working here (VS2010sp1 in 64 bit):

1) Standard microsoft insanity: I had to #undef GetObject before <angelscript.h> due to WinGDI.h defining it for UNICODE variants GetObjectA vs GetObjectW

2) In warning level 4, I had to wrap struct asSFuncPtr with #pragma warning(disable:4371)

3) In warning level 4, I had to wrap template function asFunctionPtr with #pragma warning(disable:4191) (even a reinterpret_cast generates this warning!)

4) In scriptstdstring.cpp, the std::string in local scope looks like it is suspiciously begin stuffed into a pointer that outlives the scope of the local. Its hard to say since I don't know the guts of AngelScript yet, but that seems to be what SetReturnObject does.

5) as_callfunc_x64_msvc.cpp and as_callfunc_x64_msvc.asm generate collisions in the generated .obj file, its probably easier to rename one of the source files than hacking up the vcxproj settings to use an alternate output filename. Changing this reduces the number of steps it takes to make the 32bit-centric vcxproj work in 64 bit

[SlimDX] stray files in svn

18 April 2010 - 10:09 AM

When pulling down SlimDX from the googlecode svn server, and then importing it into my local perforce server, it triggered some perforce file filters I have setup here. The filters are for files that should not be checked into source control. The two files are \install\SlimDXInstall.ncb and \samples\Direct3D10\MiniTri10\MiniTri.csproj.user VS2010 makes .sdf files instead of .suo files now, but I didn't see any of those in the vs2010 build directory.