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#4906991 Critique my Portfolio :)

Posted by on 28 January 2012 - 07:00 AM

Well it comes down to what you absolutely want to accomplish in terms of designing your layout the way you did.

What program/s did you use to create it?

In terms of "Content" you bring it across in a basic but easy to get to fashion. Just like a word document but on the internet with links.

I have moreso always been about design and looks when i go and create websites and so forth - its always first impressions when people come visit a site, this relates to anything.

Your portfolio is a basic, generic and boring for first impressions - to spice it up abit more but possibly keep the same layout would design a border or "template" such as a more colourful background for the title and content below. A good idea might be having a border around the content and outside the border have the background, so in the border leave it white whilst outside have it maybe a gradient colouring, or a different shade of colour all together. So the overall structure of the website will be the same, but some things to make it more appealing.

But as i said, the overall portfolio gets the job done by bringing the content across to the user.

Hope it helped abit!

#4906697 Advice for going into the gaming industry

Posted by on 27 January 2012 - 03:27 AM

What i have done is that i did some looking around on various gaming development websites and went to job opensings and looked at what they require in terms of knowledge and skill - they usually state how many years and what programs they require you to have knowledge for.

Drawing is a handy skill to have for doing modelling for games - but in most cases they have already someone doing that job and you usually end up working from their drawings to make your own. But in some cases, smaller development companies dont have all required employees so having a mixed skill set is always a plus.

In terms of getting into the industry, practice what you love doing, in your case modelling and depending on how old you are, look at school courses that relate to what you want to do. Then after, look at uni courses to get the related certificates and knowledge from there. It always helps having all that sorted.

In some cases you might get lucky and get away from just pure skill and not actually going to school for your actual skillset but sometimes employers dont look at you if you dont have the right qualifications.

Some companies have internships that let you study and work with them and a possible job opening might be there after you finish.

Just research and look around, read as much as you can and most importantly, have fun!