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Audio/Music Getting Started

28 January 2010 - 06:23 PM

Hey all, Want to get into audio creation for gaming - i love music, its my passion! So i thought i really enjoy the in-game music and always dreamt about having my creations get into the minds of other players and get them in depth with the game! First is that i dont realllly have any knowledge on how to create music - yet i have the talent of knowing beats, rhythms and notes on what goes good with what...how to make something work. So question would be is where do i start, what programs should i look at for beginning to create audio tracks - money is not an issue, i will happily pay for a decent software package if i can get what i want out of it. I am a fast learner in programs so i dont mind being dropped into the deep end as i have mastered photoshop and other graphical programs by sticking at it! That is really all i wanted to know, what is a good package to start off with, or a good package that is advanced but will last me awhile. Oh, and with music creation, is it best to get a keyboard? As im a shocker at guitar and other instruments, would keyboard best suite most audio programs? But use the keys for different tunes and tones rather than the basic "piano" sound kit. PS: with the piano, i mainly see these huge digital pianos, are there "flat" desktop ones that you can connect to the computer and have on your desk rather than a huge casing and stand etc. PSS: I think i might of answered my last PS - Piano and keyboard are different aye? Then my new question is, are keyboards good for game audio creation? Do they have any disadvantage or advantage that the normal digital piano has? Thanks!

Finally Started - Dedicated Newbie

18 April 2009 - 11:02 PM

Hello all, I finally got around to getting ready to embark on a new adventure in graphics. I have done photography prior to this and graphic design for websites (Photoshop). From doing photography, i have taken wonderful pictures of landscape, cityscapes and other artistic views of the world what we live in. Im also a huge gamer and love it to bits. I wanted to take my eye for landscape etc and create my own in 3d for "future" games and development. Because this is all new, i would like some quick guidelines to what i should be looking at. Firstly, what programs are most commonly used by 3d designers, free or commercial. Also, with these, what are the best tutorial websites that start with the basics from the programs and gently move further up. Thank you, if i have not put to much detail in the questions, please say so and ill re-edit them. Thanks.