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In Topic: Having difficulties with resources....

26 July 2011 - 06:11 PM

From the game play point of view, you would need to find the balance between coastal defence, and open water convoy defence. Cut one too thin and the opponent would make you bleed there. (And if you're on the offence, put too little pressure on one, and they'll pull resources from the other and crush you.)

This is exactly what im aiming for....all about the player balancing what forces they have at their disposal. and designating the important regions and objectives to focus there defense on.

In Topic: Having difficulties with resources....

24 July 2011 - 05:33 PM

I don't think casuals would be interesed in the "ubot" theme in the first place.

I Disagree with this almost entirely, I say almost entirely, because the average 20 year old who thinks the Germans won the war or indeed Hitler was famous for being the German National Football manAger instead of an evil dictator who in his own ways was a genius then you are correct. But if you follow or have played games based on world war 2 that are not watered down console games you will reliase there is a large number of WW2 fans around that would play a historically accurate, realistic world war 2 game becuase its just that, relaistic and historically accurate.....just see the communities of the fore mentioned Silent Hunter, Il2 Sturmovik Series (or even just the SimHQ Forums) even Company of Heroes then you can see people will play a game like this purely because its World War 2, regardless of it being about Uboats or convoys or aircraft bombing convoys.

for those that are interested, the football manager thing came up in a survey of UK School kids and a disturbing number of them thought Hitler was a football manger.....

As for including coastal convoys and ommiting Murmansk it feels weird... I know the differenece between PQ13 and QP13 and still never read about coastal convoys. The difference in importance is huge. Also, if you include coastal convoys you should include railroads too (since you deal with the internal transport network then).

I agree with this point and ive not said at any point I want to totally overlook Russia and the Arctic Convoys (or the Med for that matter) , but by including them in my inital design it presents me with a long list of problems which id rather avoid by leaving them out for now. This is why as a solution I proposed the 'auto resolve' battle system as noted in my previous post.

Including the internal transport system for the UK and its allies goes way beyond the scope of what im intending, plus you would then need to model the effects of the Blitz and the rail infrastructure being almost constantly bombed, you could infact make a game out of that in itself.
This is a strategy game focusing on naval combat between uboats, Merchant men and Escorts, not a game which focuses on weather the Didcot marshaling yard was bombed during the night or not.



In Topic: Having difficulties with resources....

22 July 2011 - 06:03 PM

Ive considered making it really simple and say that each country has an overall amount of resources and each convoy to reach that country obviously adds to the over resource pool, so US has X of each resource, UK has X of each resource, France has X of each resource,Canada has X of each resource etc....but this is far to simple and completely takes out the factor of Coastal convoys, the player has no need or reason to send a group of ships on a historically dangerous journey from say Liverpool to London because the resources they bought from Canada or the US are just added to the main 'UK resource pool' regardless of where they docked.

Coastal convoys? What for? Can't they use railroads?

There are 2 routes. First from US to UK and second from UK to Soviets. German player doesn't have any route and only try to disrupt these two routes.That's what is was all about, ignore all minor things like coastal convoy, they made no real difference.

You are forgetting the Med and African routes, as well as the South American routes. Not to mention much of the North Atlantic Convoys were started in Halifax, Canada, not the US, and a lot of the shipping was coastal up the eastern sea board of North America.

Look up convoy and shipping maps of WWII. (Or google Silent Hunter III strategy maps.)

Though I havent acturally read anything on the use of Coastal convoys (yet) I would assume they used them instead of railways because the system was already under strain and in the early years the rail infulstructure was being constantly bombed by the luftwaffe, so it would have been deemed a viable option to send merchant ships from somewhere like Liverpool to resupply factories and other facilities in London and the South-east for example.

Also in terms of the game it would certainly add a dimension of strategy:-

I relieses (as a player) London Region needs Fuel and Food, The North East Region has ample food and fuel. So the player can form a coastal convoy carrying predominately food and fuel (using the convoy creation wizard with easy flowing interface :D) from ships Docked in the North east region and sends them to the London Region knowing another convoy is midway across the Atlantic from Canada to the North East with fuel and food....ah but there is also plenty of Uboats still around the North Sea...so ill form a couple of Hunter Killer Destroyer/Corvette patrol groups from Scapa Flow to patrol a line around the east coast of Britain and help to Protect the convoy....

As for Convoy routes outside the Atlantic (which currently include Russia) im toying with the idea of a kind of auto resolve - random battle generator which will decide which ships are sunk,damaged or are untouched...obviously the player has no direct influence on what happens when the convoy leaves the Atlantic 'area' but as the player most of the time will be creating the convoys to send to these 'out of area' places they also decide how well escorted and defended the convoy is.....send a convoy of 10 merchants with 5 destroyers and 4 corvettes its likely to survive, but send 10 merchants with 2 corvettes and its likely to get decimated.....the sacrifice in this case for the player is the escort ships might not return to the players control for several game weeks...so its all about balancing your forces with supply and demand.

I COULD make a game that does take into account Russia and the Med, but as ive said previous Im wary of the scope. I want the game to be designed in such away that a strategy gamer could pick it up in afew hours and understand what they are doing, a non strategy gamer to become competent at playing it in afew days. I don't want it to be so deep its like Civilization or Cossacks(?) which are amazing games in themselves but you need to be in prison to find the time to get the most out of them. The mark im aiming for is the Total War series since they blend the learning curve and time needed to play very well I think.

oh also Silent Hunter 3 with the Grey Wolves Unofficial Expansion FTW :P



In Topic: Having difficulties with resources....

18 July 2011 - 05:57 AM

You guys have provided some food for thought.

Just to clarify the game is actually focused on the Naval Combat, controlling the movements and attacks of individual ships and coming up with tactics on how to defend the convoys (which are all ships, in this case no trucks :) ).

The resources are needed to give the player a marker and goal. as I said historically during the war the Uk relied on shipping Convoys from Canada and the US to keep it alive (and sent materials and goods back to the US and Canada ) ... I could just have the computer generate missions like 'Get X amount of supplies and X amount of Food to London', but this in my opinion makes it to Linear, the player then does not need to make big decisions where as with the resources he does.

The region system I think would definitely work, basically it would take the resources of several ports into account...for example the London region would account for the supplies at the ports of 'Port of London', 'Chatham Dockyard' and 'Shell Haven' all located in or around the thames and Thames Estuary, The North East Region would take in the collective resources of the ports of Teesport,Sunderland, Tyne and Blyth etc

These resources would decrease over time taking into account the needs of the local population in the region.

As for the question on a dynamic campaign.

This again is abit of grey area, id love to make a dynamic campaign where events going on outside the game area are influenced by your ability to defend ships and build up resources or (if axis) destroy ships thus draining resources, but for the initial incarnation I feel it might make the scope too big, so was thinking of making it along a liniar time line at least to start with....though I guess that kinda defeats the point as well.

*Goes back to the drawing board*....did I say I knew what I was doing :P


In Topic: Sprite Sheet Creator?

26 February 2011 - 12:54 PM


My friend and myself had this prob and so created a small program to create custom tile/sprite sheets from images rendered from 3d software (in our case 3dsmax). Takes PNG and keeps transparency as nessary...also supports .jpg.

Its still got a couple of missing features and we haven't quite finished it, he's been busy and I did the design/interface stuff which has been done so its on the back burner but most of missing features are just to improve user friendliness. But the Core (get the job done) features are implimented and as far as we know work.

If you like I could pass a copy along to you via email to try out if ya like.....call it a beta.....and we can find out for sure if it does work and is useful to people :)

EDIT:- ill be kind an extend that over to anyone else who wants to try it out.....