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Rounding of a combat system - and I missed a varible :(

20 February 2014 - 08:09 PM

Hi All

Im trying to create a simple combat system that will work in the background (the player has no direct influences and can't see whats going on, but DOES receive reports and battle outcomes).

The system is all number based and im just stuck with the best way to round it off. Im a one man team so don't have the privilege of running my thoughts by someone off hand  and Ive been going round in circles on this the last few days.

Anyway my game is WW2 based and I have air raids attacking the UK (Blitz/Battle of Britain type jobby) . Im currently working on the mechanism for Flak/AA vs the airraids.

I have a variable for the number of guns firing at the planes.  I then have a damage roll 1 -12.

Then I have damage multipliers:- Additional Gunnery Training, Advanced AA Tactics, Radar Guidance.

I then have possible damage subtractors - does target have a smoke screen (no visural sight)? is it night time? - then spotlights come in to it.

Then multiply the total damage roll by the number of guns at the target....giving total damage to the airraid.

I then put a divide  on the total damage depending on the size of the airraid....for example  The target might have 800 AA guns, but if the airraid is only 5 planes its highly unlikely all 800 guns will be able to see or fire on that target. where as an airraid of 1000 planes covers much more area of sky and all 800 guns might be able to fire at some point.

All nice and simple so far and im happy up till around this point.....


I then get the hitpoints for the type of bomber that makes up the raid, divide the total AA damage by the bomber hitpoints to gauge how many bombers have been hit, then I can do a couple more calculations to work out how many have been damaged or destroyed.

The problem is at no point have I  used the variable which says how many bombers are actually in the raid (minor oversight!). So 10 bombers might be destroyed and another 25 bombers might be damaged but the raid has only 5 bombers.....and this is the problem.

Im struggling to figure out where to put or handle the Varible that says how many bombers are actually in the raid.

 Ive considered just putting a randomize on it so the number of bombers that get hit by flak is randomized before the hitpoints are divided up, but you then have  too much possibility that all the bombers that get damaged, would actually be destroyed in that instance (quite unrealistic).

Maybe the solution is to implement the randomize on the number of bombers hit and just  raise the bombers hit points or/and nerf the D12 damage roll to a D6?


Any ideas?





World War 2 Game - Economy Concept

19 December 2013 - 07:40 PM

Howdy guys and gals

Ive been developing  a WW2 game called Battle of the Atlantic for about 3 years  (not that what I have to show is 3 years of work but ive had to spend most of that time learning how to program. smile.png )

Anyway the last few days ive been scratching my head about how to implement an economy system for the game, having neglected its finer details in my original deisign, I think ive come up with how I want to play it but I want some feedback on the concept first.

The game is set during WW2, you are the supreme commander of the naval forces of either the Axis powers or the allies during the Battle of the Atlantic. Historically of course it was the convoys, largely from the US which helped to keep Britain fighting. Because of this the game needs an economy of some sort or else its all pretty pointless.

I want the economy to be simple...I don’t particularly want this to be a game for financial advisers (plus my own inability with number and maths is problamatic ;-) ) , I want it to be more about the action. The Merchant men in the high seas and the men manning the Depth charge launchers and Ack-Ack guns on an Escorting Destroyer.

The resources I have in the game are as follows:-
Supplies – Food, Water, meat, Vegetables anything you need
to live.
Munitions – Ammunition, Explosives and Guns
General Stores – Anything not military related – manufactured goods – steel for
construction – concrete etc
Military Hardware – Tanks,Guns,Artillery, Trucks, Planes etc,
Fuel – Coal, Aviation Spirit, Diesel, anything that can be
used to power machinery, ships, planes etc
Troops – Soldiers to fight the battles (Surprisingly!).

My plan as its stands for the economy is to have a number of resources at each port. These resources are for your use only, to keep your navy mobile. If a port gets low on resources and you can’t refuel/rearm your ships currently stationed at the port, you need to arrange a convoy or some single ships to bring some resources from another port or by reassigning orders of a convoy or ship at sea to this port. This then forces the player to put to sea and thus put there ships into danger.

The port resources would be regenerated by incoming merchant ships and the player would gain say 5% of the convoy’s or ships loaded
resources. So if a convoy carrying 100,000 tons of Supplies docks and unloads, the player would receive 5000 tons to use himself at that port , the other method is resources being generated at the end of each week from within the regions...see below.

Ive divided the UK (only the Uk for the sake of prototyping for now) up into regions, based on current parliamentary maps, so South-east, North West, East Midlands etc. Each of these regions have a supply and demand, this would be scaled simply by Very high – to – Very Low and based on what is going on in that region for each resource.

The midlands, London and North east regions would need alot of supplies, General Stores and fuel. Due to the large number of factories, and output alot of Munitions, Military Hardware and General Stores for example....When Normandy landings take place the south west will have a massive demand for Fuel, Military Hardware, Munitions and troops it would generally be producing quite afew supplies itself due to large amounts of farmland in that region.

A simple redyellow green colour code system would inform the player if a region requires more of a particular resource. Also an ‘admiralty mission’ might be generated to give the player a mission to supply a particular region with one or more resources.

This system is very simple and pretty linear but I can take into account rail transport and of course blitz bombing to some degree....supplies and general stores demand might shoot up and output go down a notch if a city in a region gets flattened in a blitz raid.

Having not really thought the economy through toughly until recently I currently have the game set-up so the player dictates what each merchant is loaded with and its cargo. I think with this system id need to make it so the computer determines resource allocation to the merchants and the player simply dictates the mission and the escort and how he’s going to get his ships (and resources) from A to B.

Would this work do we think?...im open to further ideas.



Space on Classified Ads?

28 February 2012 - 06:43 PM

Hey all,

Just thinking that the new classified ads needs more space in each of the boxes.

I noticed when I uploaded my ad that large chunks had been cut-off. Oviously with no help wanted section any more and with hobby none paying projects we do need the space to sell our project and as the system works currently we simply don't have enough space to do that.

I noticed alot of other ads had the same problem where the user had failed to check there ad after posting, I just cut my info right back but as I said, it looks kinda scruffy having everything rammed together.

Apart from that the new systems foundation looks pretty decent, oh and because im far to honest I paid for the indie ad space, how many others avoided the $7 by saying there project is non-profit or open source Posted Image



Having difficulties with resources....

17 July 2011 - 04:56 PM

Hi All,

Ive spent the last few weeks working on a GDD for an RTS strategy game based on the Uboat war in the Atlantic during WW2 (you may have seen this recruitment thread Here)

The idea is coming together, ive done afew mock-ups for interfaces, started pulling together various asset lists etc and I feel im on my way to being able to work on it and open it confident I know where im going.

Im aiming for the game to be quite historically accurate and is aimed at those of us gamers that love reading and researching the war.

That being said I am still struggling to work out a resource system thats versatile yet simplistic.

There will be 5 main resources in the game (or cargo's that convoy and cargo ships can carry) which are:-

  • General Stores (Building materials, factory materials etc)
  • Supplies (food)
  • Fuel
  • Munitions (Tanks,ammunition,aircraft,military vehicles etc)
  • Troops
Oviously as the Allied player, The US and Canada for much of the war will have an overwelming amount of resources, The UK however will be very much on the edge in terms of resources available, the idea of course is to get those resources across the Hostile Atlantic ocean and Feed/supply the UK

As the Axis player, The resources will be very high, before being wittled down the longer the conflict goes on.

But how do I present this system to the player?

  • Ive considered making it really simple and say that each country has an overall amount of resources and each convoy to reach that country obviously adds to the over resource pool, so US has X of each resource, UK has X of each resource, France has X of each resource,Canada has X of each resource etc....but this is far to simple and completely takes out the factor of Coastal convoys, the player has no need or reason to send a group of ships on a historically dangerous journey from say Liverpool to London because the resources they bought from Canada or the US are just added to the main 'UK resource pool' regardless of where they docked.
  • My second idea was to apply the resources pool as above to the Ports, obviously smaller ports will have a very small pool of resources and larger ports will have a much bigger pool of resources. I do however feel that this is both a mathematical nightmare, and will be too easy to unbalance the game, given that I have historical information on ship types and what there potential cargo tonnage was....but absolutily no idea what a realistic threshold would be when it came to Resources and supplies at the Ports....admittedly I haven't actually researched this point (yet) but from my recent experiences its one of those things that even with a vast amount of research the information would be very much incomplete and guess work anyway.
  • While writing this post Ive actually came up with a 3rd idea which is probably the best of them all (YAY!) which simplifies point 2 and is similar to point 1 and that is to devide the world map(game map) into regions, so ships docking at Liverpool will add to the 'North West ' resource pool, but because the 'South East/London' Resource pool will not receive those new supplies....the player would need to make a coastal convoy to take resources from the 'North West' resource pool and get them to 'South East/ London' resource pool.....*grabs pen and paper to figure if this idea is viable*
Any other ideas on how I can get my head round this problem?

Many Thanks,


Engine Advice.....

16 April 2011 - 06:46 AM

Hey Guys,

Sorry about the repetative nature of this thread but like many im slightly overwelmed or perhaps even un-informed about my choices.

Anyway Im looking into developing an idea thats been with me for many years. Im aiming to create an historically realistic RTS WW2 naval game and im currently just toying with different engines to see which would be the best for me (yes only me to begin with) to get to grips with. The biggest problem I face is that this type of game will test possibly the two most difficult aspects in game development. A good ocean, with a varity of weather effects and a good clouds system (for planes).

I come from an artistic background, having released 1 indie game and worked as an artist proffesionally, I have spent the last couple of months learning C# and have created a couple of applications, which im now activly using in day to day life, so I do have some idea what im doing and what to expect from such an understaking as this.

I have already tried several engines, not deeply by any stretch but just playing with whatever trials - free aspects that they come with.

1) Torque3D (tool box demo) - An engine I used for a proffesional project back in 2007, so have some familiarity with it. Easy to use, good community and Ok documentation, Cheap. The things putting me off this is the uncertainty surrounding its future (given the recent take-over), its fast becoming outdate, the inflexability of in game assets(i.e collisions) and how linar the art pipe-line is.

2) Visual3D - Having tried this engine for the last couple of days im convinced it can do exacly what I want it to do and has some very powerful 'Out of The box features' - including a dynamic weather system - powerful water shaders and entity system meaning there is a distinct possibility for some very intresting damage models - also one of its promo vids shows it being used in an RTS format, exacly what I want - The major downers are that it appears the developers have little funding - non-existant community - incomplete toolset and people that don't by the enterprise license (major studio license) are being mugged off with broken promises......not exacly the greatest of marketing.....Shame really.

3)Unity - Though I havent tried Unity much yet my first impressions are - Proven background for a wide range of games, Large community, pretty powerful tools - Ill need to learn some more 'proper' programming to get the best out of it, ill need the full license to get my hands on a decent water system.....buggar!

There the 3 that have really stood out to me in the mine field taht is engine selection.

What I think im going to do is Go through my 30-day trial with Visural3d and then switch to Unity to prototype aspects of my game, which in itself will be quite a long process then return to Visual3d and see if the community harmony has returned or not....if not and Unity is filling my needs then ill buy a full license and go from there.