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Dead Anyway

24 January 2015 - 09:16 AM

Once a thriving small town population of five hundred now lies silent and in decay as if all life vanished overnight. Overgrown gardens, peeling paint, every creak, and moving shadow beats your heart with adrenaline as you wearley walk down the main street. You are not alone here, the hairs on the back of your neck make you sure of it.

You continue walking, as the fear of the unknown is overcome by the desperation to gather supplies and find shelter.

It doesn't matter, I’m dead anyway.

For the past twelve weeks or so Rick and I have been collaborating on a game project prototype. The project really hit the ground running starting out by fleshing out an idea of a game, storyline ideas, code and model requirements, quests, etc and have been working on a prototype ever since.

Rick has been leading the coding side with various features that will be needed. Some of the big ticket items included a Diablo style inventory system including looting; asset management so we are able to get all the detail so the game will scale to what we need; many more unsung features.

I have been working on the asset side of things without spending too much time on an individual objects as there is a lot to create, even in terms of a simple prototype.

Already we have had our fair share of setbacks but also a fair share of successes too. Here is a first look what we have accomplished to date. Needless to say it’s all in progress.

















Thanks for viewing.


Getting SignalR trip time

30 December 2014 - 02:33 PM

I'm making a signalr game where the clients cast spells that take time. A progress bar is displayed on the client while the command is sent to the server via signalr. The server will start a timer, but I want the timer time to be the action time minus the trip time so when the timer is finished on the server and I send the result back to the client, it's timer will be finishing up.


I can't see how to find the trip time of the signalr call though. Does anyone know how to do this OR how I can get something like this?

World of Warcraft missions

11 December 2014 - 09:18 AM

So I got the new exp and see they have this new mission stuff where you can send followers out on missions. From the little I saw there is this bad guy that has abilities and you have good guys (followers) that have abilities and some counter the bad guys ability. The mission has a % of success to it. So you pick your follower for said mission and send them on their way. This is a neat idea (probably not new but new to me as I got into this sort of thing later in life).


A question I have is what sort of algorithm could be used for getting a % for the mission success if you were to make this a full game in itself. In WoW at this early stage it looks like if you can counter the bad guys move you'll get 100% success rate, which I don't really like myself. So I'm trying to think about what factors and how an overall % of success could be created in such game.


Any ideas around this?

Diablo like game: video dev diary

19 September 2014 - 12:22 PM

Over at Leadwerks.com we have a Halloween game competition going on. I'm making a diablo like game for it and making videos as I do it. My aim is to make a video each time I work on the game (each day I'm aiming for) until the game is finished for the competition.


If you were ever curious about this engine or seeing how someone approaches game development take a look at someone making an actual game in it.


FIrst video below and you can see the rest of my channel that has other videos working with Leadwerks. I don't work for them but I've been with the engine for a long time and I love working with it.



Diablo type attacks

11 September 2014 - 02:44 PM

I'm working on a top down game like Diablo. My question is how are attacks usually done in terms of hitting the enemy. Is it physics based in that if the weapon/sword collides with the enemy it registers a hit? This seems like it could be error prone and cause issues. What are other ideas to register a hit in a game like this where things aren't actually targeted?