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Neuroarena - Lisp, Erlang and Flash combo for the best real-time strategy in browser

21 March 2012 - 05:15 AM

Hi guys,
we would like to announce Neuroarena - a fresh and fast online multiplayer real-time strategy with some twists:
- there is no installation since the front-end is in Flash - just click "Play Now" on www.neuroarena.com to check it out (no registration needed)
- there is no collecting of resources, just collect units while fighting! ;)
- the game is fast and situation changes rapidly over whole 10 minutes for each fight

Multiplayer is fully functional - just go to "Multiplayer" and click on "Fight" which will show you a link.
Then, you can either email or IM this link to your friend where he will just click on "Fight",
or wait for some other player wanting to fight and the system will connect you automatically.

From the technological point of view, we think Neuroarena is the first game service with commercial appeal where core backend is written purely in Common Lisp (not one line of C/C++ used!).
Erlang is used for the website and whole community and resource management with persistence.
Flash is a visual console on the client.

Enjoy, and please let us know what you think!

Karol Skocik from Masshuro, independent game company

RTS/tactical winning criteria

13 March 2010 - 10:30 PM

Hi, I am working on a next version of our neuroarena game, which is a RTS/tactical and recently we (I and my friend working on this) got into conflict what the winning objective should be. I just want to collect your valuable opinions about this matter. Well, the game does not have a "production chain" - like buildings which produce you army for credits. The army is what you got at the beginning, and what entities you find during the battle and activate/touch them first - then they join you. Also - we have a HQ - the only one building in the game which serves as a radar. Every battle is time bounded to roughly 10 minutes. One of us thinks that winning criteria should be: - all of the opponent's entities destroyed - instant KO, OR - the opponent's HQ destroyed - instant KO (HQ serves as a weak point you need to protect), OR - after time expires, the player who did more damage to opponent wins Another opinion about winning criteria here: - the opponent's HQ destroyed - instant KO (the same) - after time expires, it's draw no matter who got more damage The implication of the second criteria is, that when all of the opponent's entities are destroyed, the one who still has living entities must find and destroy opponent's HQ to win KO, before time expires, otherwise it's a draw even when one player lost all entities. The player who lost all entities is kept in the game, despite the fact there is no way how to intervene in the game any more (the HQ is passive building, does not produce entities). Should the player who kills the opponent's entities win instantly? Is it a wrong game design decision to force the remaining player wander over empty map to locate the HQ, and call him winner after destruction of the lonely, passive HQ? Thanks for any opinions! Karol (from neuroarena)