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In Topic: Synchronizing physics, when physics is ran client-side?

24 April 2013 - 12:44 PM

There's no perfect solution, because the web introduces latency.
One common work-around is to make player movements have lag that depends on server round-trip time.
Thus, the player doesn't start (or stop) moving on the local screen until it gets the command from the server to do so.
This way, you know that the state on the server is always correct, and the state on the client simply mirrors the state on the server.

So if I got this correct, both players needs the server to tell the player to move. That is, even when the user press' the forward key, the actor wont start to move until it gets the response from the server? Like the first Quake game, with no client-side prediction?


I see that solution would work, but I need immediate response from inputs tho. Especially from the player which spawns objects.

I'm currently using a jitter-buffer on the receiving side, so it is already a little bit of excessive latency going on.


Thank you very much for replying anyway.

Do you know any other 'common' solution?

In Topic: [python] Voice-communication in python?

12 June 2010 - 05:55 AM

OK, so I've played around today and noticed something/got some problems.

Speex got three "modes"; narrow-band, wide-band and ultra wide-band. Each band accept X numer of samples; 160, 320 and 640. So speex can only encode 640 samples at time at its maximum.

Now as I said, I'm using pyAudio (PortAudio), and I've got some questions (in general) about sampling and encoding the audiostream:

I'm using ultra wide-band for now, which allows me to grab 640 samples of my inputstream. Now this works fine as long as I just let me program idle and do its thing, but as soon as I fire something up on my computer (it could be Firefox or anything), I can hear my audiostream kind of gets interrupted by the computer. It kind of gets cut for a short time and theres some static noise. If you check the size on that buffer meanwhile, you can se it shoots into the air and sometimes even overflows and crashes :/

So I don't know if its just a bad wrapper or something? I mean, the audiostream has to be completely independet from other software on my computer, otherwise it wont work, obviously. I could run that loop in another thread tho, but hey, how shold that help for not being interrupted by other software on the computer?

So... does anyone have any experience in this?

In Topic: Feedback on my new VST's and sample

02 February 2010 - 03:25 AM

Original post by Atrix256
I agree with the other poster too that it is pretty gloomy, is that somethign you were shooting for?

"Mystic" is maybe the wrong word, a gloomy-feeling is actually kind of what I'm aiming for :)

Original post by jjandreau

Yes, it is gloomy.
And thanks for the tip of using ethnic percussion, I find it kind of neat!

I will work some more on a complete piece, it should not be gloomy completely through, it's more the intro of it.

Thank you for your replies anyway :)

In Topic: Feedback on my new VST's and sample

31 January 2010 - 04:37 AM

Original post by Dannthr
You've got a good incidental feeling here. I think the only question I have is what is your intention behind all of your seemingly random instrumental choices. You bring in the harp, and then it goes away, you bring in a guitar, it goes away.

It feels very undecided.

Even with incidental music, you'll want to be able to give a reason for your choices, at least that's my opinion--art is deliberate.

I know exactly what you mean by the randomness!
As I pointed out, it's more of a test rather than a complete score, just some ideas of mine that I pinned down just to not forget them, sort of. That's the reason being so undecided.

The problem for me is that I usually only write these small bits, then I can't think of a continuance, but I'm working on it. I will eventually post a more connective track in the future :)

In Topic: Best moving-algorithm for players over the network?

06 January 2010 - 03:32 AM

Original post by Antheus

Ah OK!

Well, yes, I'm using TCP.
And the client actually stalls as you mention, I've noticed it, and it only occurs when it receives shots from the server.

But I will take a closer look at my code and try to find where it stalls.