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In Topic: Wow. Magic compression?

11 September 2016 - 11:05 PM

Just repeat the conversion several times and you can have 1-byte movies!

In Topic: How is trump still in the running

09 March 2016 - 12:06 AM

My problem with walls is that a wall is either completely sealed or isn't meaningful. I mean, most of the import/export goes on land and water. Closing a border enough to prevent terrorists and illegal immigrants to get in mean stopping all export/import. In Europe, that's pretty much the end of economy as we know it. I doubt that Europe or the USA is able to be self-sustainable...

In Topic: How is trump still in the running

01 March 2016 - 02:11 PM

I haven't read every post carefully, but did anybody actually say socialism is/was good?


Anyhoo, it should be the job of the governments to control, interfere and fine tune the system. I don't think we can hope for any self-regulating economical system come to existence. Yes, I also find it offending that a refugee in one of the countries (I don't remember which) gets more social welfare than my salary. And it's also offending that high-level education cost so much that either you have to be rich (more precisely your parents), get into dept or work hard (because you get shit salaries as a student) and have no life, no hobbies and interests. Also offending if someone is crippled by an accident and can't work and have poor family who can1t take care of him/her, he/she can fuck it, if there wasn't a social net.


I know that I'm demagogue and not smart, but don't tell me that capitalism's self-regulation works well (sure it works, with millions/billions in poverty, sometimes local and world wars, etc). It's still better to always fine-tune and govern such a complex system that no one in the world understands (no one can make long term predictions), than to rely on it's self-regulation, because we don't know jack shit what the self-regulation really does in the long run.

In Topic: How is trump still in the running

01 March 2016 - 10:56 AM

It depends. I could move into an apartment with some friends, pay $150 a month in rent and work minimum wage (+ get foodstamps) and get enough capital to start a business in 10 years.

It's a conscious choice whether people want to live as well as their means permit them, or save money to invest. This may be different in Europe where rents seem to be much higher, which largely has to do with Taxes for Social Programs.

That's right. BUT

With rich parents, you don't have to wait and save for 10 years and make those sacrifices (or to put your example to the extreme: you don't have to choose between family and starting a business. Because you can't deny biology, so the clock is ticking).

Yup, there are rich parents that don't give any help to their kids, and there are people with poor background who can still start a successful business because of luck or outstanding talent.


My point is: people/kids with wealthy background do have big advantage to people with poor background. And that is not right because (I may be wrong here) rich kids aren't significantly/inherently more talented than poor kids. I am far too stupid enough the see all this, but maybe investing in social care could be a better investment in the long run, if it's done right.


I think the investment into my education (it was free in my time) was beneficial, because I didn't have to work to fund the university, my fellowship was enough to cover my living costs. This meant that I wasn't exhausted, I could do hobby programming and became a much better employee and servant of capitalism. Mechanical engineers with strong application programming knowledge and experience are quite rare and pretty valuable.

In Topic: How is trump still in the running

28 February 2016 - 02:44 PM

Also, in terms of income/capital gains, I have friends at my work that make 6 figure incomes, and they're in similar situations. They bought houses/cars/wifes (lol) They couldn't afford, and they need to scrimp and save to make their mortgage payments. being in poverty is a symptom of bad money management, bad luck, bad choices, or a combination of all 3. Throwing more money into those situations won't help.

I don't agree with that thinking. I was lucky because education was essentially free when I made my masters degree (mechanical engineering). Without free education, I could just fuck myself or get into serious dept. Not because I was untalented, only because my parent's aren't wealthy.

With my degree and by working as a mechanical engineer with a pretty good income in my country, my girlfriend (who is an architect with Master's degree and also working in her profession), we cannot hope to buy our own flat house in the next 10-15 years without social help (and in Hungary, rents are quite expensive compared to the salaries and renters are quite defenseless against landlords). Not because we are lazy or not talented, only because we didn't inherit anything and our parent's are not wealthy.

And I don't think we should be wasted just because we are not entrepreneur-type people and not super talented.


Having poor parents is not a choice. My girlfriend was my choice, maybe I should have chosen a rich girl.