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Ed Welch

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In Topic: Has royalty share ever worked?

21 March 2015 - 11:54 AM

Thanks for the answers guys - the advice is quite useful.

I asked the question because I was toying with the idea of royalty share, but now I think I will approach the problem a different way.

In Topic: Has royalty share ever worked?

19 March 2015 - 11:55 AM


Wow, that's quite an amazing game for an Indie studio

There's a big difference between "indies" (independent games studios), and "indies" (groups of random people on the internet) biggrin.png


If there's an IGDA meetup in your area, go and see if you can meet these kinds of actual developers.

I'm lucky enough to share an office with something like 20 other indie companies, plus there's a hugely active IGDA group in my city (hundreds of people)... so in my immediate network I've met indies working on an MMO exploration game, a whole catalogue of choose your own adventure books, an arcade weapons racer, a car/tycoon simulator, a speed-run 3D platformer, a space trading MMO, amazingly successful mobile games, successful lone wolves, Syndicate-esque top-down tactics, a "minecraft-clone" shooter, co-developers of a dinosaur FPS, a quake-style arena FPS, and surely more I've forgotten to remember laugh.png

Many of them are fairly recent start-ups with fairly small teams, which means there's a high likelyhood that the core team members on many of these kinds of projects are receiving shares in the company rather than actual money to begin with.


Thanks for the advice, Hodgman!

Yeah, I get the feeling that most of the successful collaboration projects were ones where the people involved already knew each other.

In Topic: Has royalty share ever worked?

19 March 2015 - 07:23 AM

The groups that appear on forums with no experience at all, overly vague yet massive ideas, usually no talent, no idea of the legal/business side of things... that's a complete mess that I'd advise people to steer clear of.

As for successes, there's a studio in the same building as me, League of Geeks, who have built their game using a well defined profit-sharing system. The core of their team are actual development veterans coming from other studios, they've sat down ahead of time and worked out all the legals of doing a profit sharing system, and then they've planned out all the work involved and assigned 'points' to different tasks. IIRC, when they're finished, they'll add up all the points, and then everyone gets a slice of the profits depending on how many points they've earned.

They're only in early access now, but they're looking on track to actually finish their game. At that point, I think they're planning to release their "point system" for other devs to copy if they like.

Wow, that's quite an amazing game for an Indie studio

In Topic: GLSL Driver optimizer

18 February 2015 - 07:10 AM

The GLSL spec guarantees the following optimizations:



So on paper, you can't assume anything because it's totally up to the vendor. You should read the docs accompanying glsl-optimizer, by Unity's ArasP: https://github.com/aras-p/glsl-optimizer

They use this as their shader backend for everything, specifically because they can't trust implementations to do the right thing. Mobile is the big offender.

By the way, the real reason they had problems was because they just pumped desktop shaders through a translator and expected that to work on mobile GPUs. It's no surprise that it performed badly.

If you want performance you have to hand code the shader specifically targetting the mobile GPU, using low precision, etc. and reading the maufactures recommended practices.

In Topic: Next-Gen OpenGL To Be Shown Off Next Month

09 February 2015 - 04:57 PM

The free upgrade to Win10 kinda solves this problem anyway.

Beware, Windows 10 is only free if you upgrade an existing PC from Win7/8. If you buy a new PC it's a subscription service.