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Best way to render text with DirectX11

19 August 2014 - 11:46 PM

So, there's a bunch of methods for text rendering with DX11. The ones I know of are:

  1. Sprite rendering. Pretty straightforward and well-known. Only con I see is the dynamic VB calculation each draw.
  2. Use D2D. You get a simple, HW accelerated API, but on Win7 means another DX10.1 device, sharing the BB, synchronizing, which basically takes the simple API and wraps it with not so nice looking code. Not sure if it has real performance gain over sprites.
  3. Use GDI+ to render text directly to the back-buffer. I assume performance will be bad, though I haven't tried it.


In terms of performance and code complexity, which one is better?

Is there another option I'm unaware of?


(And MS, why did you leave D2D/D3D11 interop out of Win7!?!?)

Engine for 3D sidescrolling game

24 November 2013 - 02:25 AM

Anyone knows a good free/open-source game engine for 3D side-scrolling game? Something similar to Little Big Planet.

Game engine book?

20 November 2013 - 08:22 AM

Any good book on game engine architecture? I'm looking for something that covers the entire system, not focusing on rendering engine specifically.

I know the basics, so I'm not looking for a beginner level book. I want to start working on a game as a hobby, I'm looking for a book that has some more in-depth information on game engines.

Presenting demos using projectors

20 November 2013 - 04:02 AM

Just finished working on a very cool graphics demo. It looks pretty amazing on LCD screen.

Hopefully, this demo will be presented on some industry events. We had a dry-run just now, using a basic conference room projector - and the visual quality sucked.


I know that projectors aren't as good as LCDs, and I do expect some degradation, but not as much as we experienced today. Visiting SIGGRAPH and GDC - they use projectors there, and the visual quality looks pretty good.


Is it just a matter of a far better projector? Any advice on how to prepare a demo for such setup?

Some questions regarding texture generation

17 November 2013 - 03:43 AM

I got this really cool model, except it has 8Kx8K textures, and really basic specular map. I don't have time to hire an artist to fix those for me, I need some advice on how to do it myself.


I have 8K diffuse, normal, cavity, spec roughness and AO maps. ZBrush file(but no zbrush) and 150K poly obj model.


I need 4K maps. Diffuse is easy, I'll just downscale.


- Is there a tool to automatically downscale and normalize normal-maps?

- Can I use the cavity map to generate normal-map directly from it? Will it be better than downscaling the original 8K map?

- The current spec-roughness map is not good enough. How can I generate a good quality specular map(roughness/power)?