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Network architecture for a 2D top-down shooter

29 October 2010 - 03:12 AM

The game is a top-down shooter like Subspace and Infantry. From what I remember from these games, it seemed as if the client was authoritative over projectile hit or miss. Obviously that can't be the case or cheating would have been rampant. Somehow, the game would have to synchronize client rendering with server physics.

The way I'm thinking is to extrapolate the game based on RTT and send commands in the future to the server. For example the client has a RTT of 200ms and sends updates every 50ms. At worst, it will take 150ms for a command to arrive at the server. The server runs at 100 ticks/second. If the server is processing tick 100, then the client would be sending commands for tick 115 and extrapolating to render that tick. That way, the server does not need to rollback its simulation and can process commands as they arrive. If someone else shot a projectile at the player at tick 100, it will arrive to the client at tick 115. The client would render it starting at tick 130, which would cause the projectile to have instantly traveled for 300ms. However, if the player dodges, he should see an accurate view of the action as it happens on the server.

That's how I think it would work, anyways. Am I correct or am I missing something obvious?