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#5313947 Critique of my Art

Posted by on 04 October 2016 - 08:36 PM

Alright everyone, thanks for the info. Someone (not on this site lol) suggested that I vary the color palette a bit, I'm curious to see if y'all agree. I haven't made any changes as of yet, but here's some more render pictures of the model. Some of them have some changes made (mainly color variation).


The reason I didn't go with gun arms is because my concept calls for a main sort of weapon, and for this model in particular, a mace. I haven't modeled a mace yet, but it'd be slung on the back. Also, the concept has multiple legions, each with its own colors/themes.


I'm seeing multiple views on the legs. Seems some really like them, and others not so much.

Attached Thumbnails

  • finalRender6.jpg
  • finalRender7.jpg
  • finalRenderCover.jpg
  • finalRenderUpdated.jpg
  • hanumanMechUpdatedRender.jpg
  • hanumanMechAnotherRender.jpg
  • hanumanMechYetAnother.jpg

#5309524 How Important is Concept Art?

Posted by on 05 September 2016 - 09:50 AM

Hey all,


I'm not a professional modeler by any means. I'm more of a hobbyist to be honest. Most of the time when I model things, I don't do any concept art, and sometimes I use reference images from the internet (depending on relevance, obviously something that I'm modeling from real life would need reference images) but generally I don't draw out my ideas on paper mainly because I'm average at drawing (usually below average) and I find that I like to just take the image in my mind and just start modeling, modifying and changing up the geometry as I go depending on the look/feel I get. I've done some concept stuff for a particularly tough armor piece I was modeling mainly because I wasn't too sure what I was doing. What do most people do? Does concepting help people out?

#5308068 Masters Degree in Video game design

Posted by on 26 August 2016 - 12:06 PM

Pretty much what frob said. The answer to your question really depends on what it is you want to do at a game dev studio.


For example, artists would benefit from a different degree than programmers/developers would. It all depends on what position(s) you are looking for.

#5284808 Critique of my Art

Posted by on 02 April 2016 - 06:14 PM

I also say reduce the bumps... really, unless this is a wreck, rather do NO bumps in the flat areas of the texture... the material "microbumps" of painted metal would be really small even on something as a tank, and a plane actually has a way smoother surface (has to, as the bumps in the surface would increase drag), so just drop it.


I would also look at the specular... too shiny. While a painted civilian plane might have a shiny finish, a military model never has. It would kinda defeat the purpose of the camo. And in this case, it increases the effect of the bumps....



Then for something more subjective... I would use MORE reference images. When I look at your plane, I see you looked at some sci-fi, and maybe at some real planes and vehicles. That is good.

But I see that in the end you ended up with some parts that look rather "unrealistic".... the engines... the weapons in the front. the landing skids.


They are all "okay". I see what they should be , in this sense the fill a purpose. MAYBE they enhance the LOOK of the plane even if being unrealistic (I am not so sure here)...

Still, when your plane should be use more "up close", details like that could stick out too much (also because of the different detail size as explained before). I advise you too look into some theory first, before designing your plane. What I mean:


1. The engines do no look like normal jet-engines. Now, you could say its not a jet engine, its sci-fi tech. Well, it doesn't look very partctical unless its some very weird tech (not streamlined at all). Just for the sake of giving the player something "familiar", if in doubt, go with something realistic, and practical looking.


2. The weapons are not streamlined at all. Both of them. For an example how a gatling cannon has to be integrated into a plane look at an F-14 if you want to go with a fast plane... or the A-10 if you can live with a less streamlined plane.

The rocket launcher (I just guess it is that) has a realistic counterpart, the german Bachem Ba 349 Natter from the last days of WW2... that looked quite similar. After the cap of the launcher was blown off. Because LIKE THAT, no plane could fly at more than maybe 500 km/h..... The Natter had a streamlined cap to get above the plane to be intercepted with speed, and the cap was only blown off shortly before the enemy was engaged.


I am pretty sure you will find more streamlined multiple rocket launchers, and of course, the slower the plane should be, the less such stuff looks out of place. Still, at the moment I do not feel that the weapons look right on your plane... they look like an aftertought tacked unto the plane.

Apart from that, I would maybe distribute the weapons over the plane... having all in the nose looks not very balanced to me from a design perspective.


3. I would rather go with NO landing gear than with the one you sculpted. Really, while it might be good enough for being shown as a small RTS Unit, do you really NEED to sculpt landing gear in this use case? When the unit shown is so small, you could save even more ploygons by just leaving it away.



In general though, a rather good first try. Really, keep it up, and practice. You are on the right tracks


Ok I'm definitely going to reduce the bumps overall. I'm going to try to reduce the bumps that have shown up in my bump maps and leave in only the panel lines. I also need to add detail to those wings and I am not entirely sure what I will add, however.


1): I think it's the intakes that really messed up the feel of the engines. Again, you can comment more on what specifically, but I feel personally that if I improve the intakes for those engines it'll look better. 


2): I was going with an A-10 feel for the Gatling guns. It might also be the out of place texturing as well for the Gatling guns? Or should they just be integrated more into the fuselage? As for the nose, I was thinking of a SciFi weapon/enhancement, which is why I didn't quite streamline it.


3): Well I'm not making an RTS, but I can remove them for what I am thinking of doing.




Why do the normal maps have so many bumps? we are talking a plane here... This means it should be smooth and only have bumps where rust or dents might have occurred. The current theme makes it look very unrealistic. I will throw together something here in a bit to show you what I am talking about. Also, I am not sure the theme you are wanting to go with but depending it could very much change how much critique can go on. Right now, I would have a few complaints about the style and model choices, but again the attempt you wanted to aim for matters.


I was just trying to put in the panel lines for the plane. Also I just wanted to add more detail to the overall design. The theme I going for is like a SciFi aircraft that in its age is actually quite outdated. I'm probably going to either remove the wing bump maps or try to improve them. Do you think the fuselage bump map should go as well?



The generalized bump map does not work for such things. Metal isnt "generally" bumpy in this manor and certainly in not big clunks like that. If you had rust regions that might make sense for some odd bump maps in that area and then maybe really bumpy areas where the metal starts to peel away. Normals maps have to make sense for your art to look realistic and more believable. However, if the style you wanted was cartoony than its a different matter all together. In any matter, the goal should be to use realistic values and modify them based off of the style you wish to go for. We do the same thing with human anatomy and character models. You dont want to just place some randomized anatomy without any form or function because you think it will "look good", to the human eye it will look off and people will judge the model/character based off of this impression. However, when you work on something that has a purpose or a reason and follows the form of an object the brain will fill in the puzzle pieces automatically and the viewer will not skip a beat or question the choices. To get an idea of what metal looks like when rusted check these out:




Notice the smoothness of the non rusted areas. Painted metal has a VERY small bump map to it, but you shouldnt see this from a far away profile. However, when you get close you could.




Is another example of a normal map that might be found on the metal. notice most of the texture is flat and without variance. In the "dented" areas you have some slight bends and curves but they are rather large and not spread across the entire surface. Even the dents where something hit the metal are deep, precise, and with purpose. Try to aim for this in your bump map and you will really have something. If you are just doing this to learn, you could provide the .fbx here and I wouldnt mind throwing together something for you to look at. Assuming the UV's are not horrible :P I dont like to waste time fixing uv's, but thats just me.



I'm going to try to keep my panel lines but get rid of the other bumps.




What do you specifically like? I would love to hear what you thought really works.


The project I'm making this for is going to be a serialized set of episodes that will have mostly cinematic content but will also be interactive/have playable sections. It's more of a side project/hobby/thing, so I'm trying to make things that are relatively good. I'm not a 3d artist by trade, truth be told. I'm actually a programmer (CS guy lol), but I've been doing 3d art on and off for some time, and have made some progress. Like I said, I'm interested in learning.


I will probably post back with more photos of my improved model.


Is it also ok if I post to this thread periodically for other art work I will ultimately make? Or would it be preferred to start a new thread altogether? Thanks for your help guys, it's really very helpful to know what I should improve.

#5284505 Critique of my Art

Posted by on 31 March 2016 - 11:27 AM

Why do the normal maps have so many bumps? we are talking a plane here... This means it should be smooth and only have bumps where rust or dents might have occurred. The current theme makes it look very unrealistic. I will throw together something here in a bit to show you what I am talking about. Also, I am not sure the theme you are wanting to go with but depending it could very much change how much critique can go on. Right now, I would have a few complaints about the style and model choices, but again the attempt you wanted to aim for matters.


I was just trying to put in the panel lines for the plane. Also I just wanted to add more detail to the overall design. The theme I going for is like a SciFi aircraft that in its age is actually quite outdated. I'm probably going to either remove the wing bump maps or try to improve them. Do you think the fuselage bump map should go as well?

#5283296 Critique of my Art

Posted by on 24 March 2016 - 07:26 PM

First is your detail distribution, both the textures and the mesh.

You have large flat wings and tiny over detailed guns. The same problem with textures your wings have large camo spots, and the smaller wings have smaller camo spots.

When making textures you need to match the texel density.


Do you mean the guns are really detailed or the nose of the Havoc? I realize the wings are a bit lacking in detail. I tried to use a bump map to make that a bit better. I'm using Maya and I'm not too sure how to add more details to the wings.




Your bump map looks like a error, instead of a useful texture. I think the model would look better if you just removed it.



Which bump map, out of curiosity? There's one on the fuselage, one for the main wings, the engines, and one for the horizontal stabilizers/elevator. There's also one for the nose.



Why are the small wings attached to the main wings a polygon thick?



That's for fixing an error in Unity 3d: they won't render if they are just faces, so I thickened them up a bit.


Any others who want to give me feedback, I'd appreciate it! Thanks again all!

#5218031 Open World games in Unity game engine?

Posted by on 21 March 2015 - 06:46 AM

It really depends on what you are putting in your world. This goes for any type of game, whether it be open or closed. If you have lots of stuff, expect lag. I've made some basic world explorers (which are, in theory, open world) but they have no lag. 

#5151685 How much time do you need to finish a beginners book?

Posted by on 05 May 2014 - 01:54 PM

I would say it really depends on you. C++ isn't the easiest of languages to get off the bat, and it can take quite a while to really master it as opposed to learning it. Even if you finish the book and learning how it works, it takes time and practice to really master it. It depends mainly on how quickly you grasp concepts. Frankly, whatever works for you is good. I wouldn't worry about whether you are going fast enough. Work on understanding the language rather than going through as fast as possible. So if you feel that you are understanding it, then that's great. Good luck with your endeavors, and I hope that this has helped! 

#5139425 Help name a game.

Posted by on 16 March 2014 - 06:36 AM


  • Unstoppable Shark Slaughter
  • Vegetarian Pirate Gladiator
  • Super Sexy Pirate
  • Jack Sparrow's Tricycle Crash
  • In search of Davy Jones' Vibrator
  • Black Beard Was Actually Black


These made me day. LOL!


As for not so serious suggestions:


-Pirates of the Open World: Black Beards

-Pirates of the Open Action World: Black Beards

-Pirates of the RPG: Black Beards

-The Hunt for Big Treasure






But in all seriousness, is there a story, or something other than this being an open world pirate game? Or is this just literally a game where you just do piracy? If its the latter, then:


-Seas of Gold

-Oceans of Opportunity


I can't think of anything else, but more details would be nice.

#5115421 Creating an Open World game

Posted by on 08 December 2013 - 12:49 PM

I would recommend starting with Unity3d. It's a great engine, and I personally think its awesome. Making an open world game is not easy: it's usually best to start small. However, if you do want to make that open world game, I would recommend breaking it into very small manageable pieces (like starting off with building just the shooter interface, or something along those lines). Best of luck!

#4938257 Unity3d glitch?

Posted by on 07 May 2012 - 08:10 PM

So I've been writing a program in Unity3d in JavaScript, and for some reason, on one particular if statement, it executes some of the code, despite the fact that it should not execute that code. I have tried to look for every possible reason that could cause this, but I know for certain that nothing in the program is causing certain statements to change. Is it possible that Unity3d has some internal error? If so, can it be corrected? Thanks for any help!

#4855043 Add to Story

Posted by on 29 August 2011 - 07:02 AM

I remember that AlphaProgDes did this some time ago, and I thought it was fun, so I'm starting another one. It's pretty simple, you just add a paragraph or two to the story I write here. You can't suicide or kill the character off, and the scope focuses on a bomber pilot....with that said, here goes:

The bomber was holding steady at 20,000 feet, poised to strike. It was a rather quite day, with no major offensives going on. The pilot wasn't very comfortable with what he might have to do next. High command had issued the orders, and obviously they thought it was alright to use the weapon, but somehow, it still didn't seem right. The final go-ahead had yet to come, and the pilot was hoping he wouldn't have to carry out his mission; that somehow, high command would decide against it, even though it seemed very unlikely. The pilot looked out the cockpit; the five moons were clearly visible, but starting to fade as the sun rise came through. Then the radio crackled to life.

"All units, everest, repeat, everest. Good luck and god speed"

The pilot tensed: everest was the final go-ahead code word. The mission was a go. The pilot banked the aircraft towards the city. He flicked the bay doors switch to open. He entered target coordinates, and waited for a confirmation. He was ready to go....

#4841626 FPS GAMES SUCK!

Posted by on 28 July 2011 - 09:00 AM

Pretty simple: the ability to rate down is based on the reputation value. I can downrate too so fear The Clipped Cow! Dunno the minimal value though...

"With great power comes great responsibility" -Peter Parker's father

Just a suggestion :)

#4828263 The Supreme Court Decision on Violent Video Game Law

Posted by on 27 June 2011 - 08:46 AM

As you can see here, the California law that would have restricted the sale of violent video games (defined as any that allows the player the choice to kill, maim, dismember, or sexually assault an image of a human being) to children, and would require that these games have a label on them specifying that the game is a violent video game. I personally was not surprised by this law being struck down (it does seem to be an infringement on free speech) but, do believe that it isn't entirely unreasonable. I am more curious to here what your thoughts are on this new development (both inside and outside of the industry).

#4827544 Noob needs help

Posted by on 25 June 2011 - 06:20 AM

As beatlefan already mentioned, C# is enough to get you started. If you really want to learn C++, you can (it won't be difficult to pick, as mentioned earlier), but if you really want to get into game programming. perhaps you should just get started with C#, and delve in to something. Start off small (such as making a pong clone or something), and then gradually increase the size of your projects.

Good luck :)