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Air combat AI

08 January 2016 - 09:35 PM

So I'm making a project for a bit of fun and was wondering what the AI for a air combat game is like. How are they implemented, most of the time? Is there something particularly different in these AIs from other game AIs? I'm not looking for anything too complicated, but still don't want these guys to look completely stupid. 


I was thinking along the lines of perhaps just having some rules of thumb, i.e. if there's someone on your tail, then turn this way, or if someone is in your sights, shoot. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.



Export Object from Maya to Unity3d

16 October 2015 - 02:44 PM

Hey guys, 


I wasn't too sure where to post this, so I figured that this is a relatively beginner problem.


So as the title implies, I've been trying to export an object I modeled in Maya to Unity3d. When I export it as an FBX, I'm not able to export the textures, as they are not supported by the FBX plugin. Any ideas on what I should do?

Add to my story!

28 September 2015 - 01:52 PM

Hey guys, so you may or may not remember the last time I did this (and AlphaProgDes I believe did this a long time back), but the basic idea is that you write a paragraph or two to add to what I write here. You can't do some sort of instant death/suicide anyone or do anything that would prematurely end the story. But beyond that, anything is game. Enjoy.


And so we begin:


It was cold. Far too cold for his tastes. No one knew where he was originally from, but evidently it was a place that was far warmer than Mu-Epsilon 7.  Not that it mattered to him. There was a job to be done. A job that paid good money. Mu-Epsilon 7 was another backwater planet that had fallen into a civil war of sorts around a century ago. It was the sort of place that was ripe with profits for mercenaries like him. And so he lay prone in the deep snow on the hill, calmly observing Fort Dwarka through his binoculars. His contract involved exfiltrating one of the prisoners in the fortress of one of the local warlords. His employer didn't say who he was, but he was paying top credits for this job. The job was important enough to warrant hiring Delta. He was a legend of sorts in the mercenary business, but very little was known about him. People only knew him by his callsign, Delta.


Delta had been observing the fortress for some time. The fortress was situated on the side of a mountain. There weren't too many ways in and out of the fortress. The warlord had chosen a good place for his central HQ. But no place in the universe was completely secure. There was always a way in. And Delta had a plan.

PS4 and Xbox One

23 July 2015 - 11:57 AM

So both consoles have been out for a while now, and I'm curious what everyone's opinion on them are. Which is better, which is worse? I'm open to hearing opinions on anything. I was lucky enough to have both of them, and in my opinion, I'm not seeing much of a difference between the two. I do think the Kinect is a cool and nifty piece of technology, but undoubtedly not going to be used much this generation either.

Easier to model or to find models?

21 March 2015 - 10:53 AM

Hey guys, 


Recently I got an idea for a relatively simple game, and wanted to start building it. My programming skills and Unity3d skills are great. The thing is that I'm not an amazing modeler. I can model non living things relatively decently, but any sort of animal, human, etc., I'm pretty inexperienced with. There's a pretty good chance that I won't need to have any living things in my game, but I'm still wondering whether to just find the models online or give it a try at modeling all of my art assets in Maya. What says the community?