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We have 4 x Pro Licences (valued at $59 each) for 2d modular animation software Spriter to give away in this Thursday's GDNet Direct email newsletter.

Read more in this forum topic or make sure you're signed up (from the right-hand sidebar on the homepage) and read Thursday's newsletter to get in the running!


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Magpie > The LEAN Business Model

Posted 08 October 2014

I'm doing a pre-incubator business class/program at the Genesis Centr e here in St. John's, and I'm actually learning a fair bit along the way. At the moment my big challenge is proving the working model for Perfect Minute Games. This is a place where the artist/auteur in me comes up hard against the pragmatist: on the one hand, <b><i>I...

Magpie > Perfect Minute Games

Posted 25 September 2014

Myself and a buddy here in Newfoundland have founded a game development company called Perfect Minute Games . Thus far it's going pretty well; I've had a year or so to really get my feet under me since moving home and now I am at last reasonably stable again, so it is a good moment to dive back into this realm.

Perfect Minute is an idea that came out of...

Magpie > Back in

Posted 07 May 2012

I started prototyping something new tonight. Nothing very difficult, just a 2d particle fountain with some on-click effects. But it reminded me of something that has recently hit home: even very simple mechanics, paced correctly, can lead to deep gameplay. More importantly, the simpler a prototype, the easier it is to find inspiration.

Magpie > Stop me if I'm boring you.

Posted 08 December 2007

I know this isn't particularly related to my Two Things, but forgive me, I haven't set up a formal AppDev blog, and I wanted to get this thought down.

I was reading O'Reilly's What is Web 2.0 and I read this:

Quote:BitTorrent thus demonstrates a key Web 2.0 principle: the service automatically gets better the more people use it. While Akamai must add...

Magpie > Two projects

Posted 05 December 2007

Getting my brain handed to me on a plate by a Google tech screen has convinced me that I need, regardless of my professional life, to have at least some kind of relatively advanced technical effort going on at all times if this is actually going to be my life's work. The work I'm doing is, in large part, beneath me. That sounds arrogant, but...