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Beyond Rigid body?

01 December 2007 - 06:35 AM

Does anyone know of any work being done (academic or commercial, I can do the research if I know where to start) to real-time approximate effects besides rigid and soft bodies? I'm looking at building a playground which includes a more robust set of interactions - specifically, thermodynamic, optical, electromagnetic, and chemical. It would likely be helpful to look at the literature on the topic, and indeed I plan on doing so, but I figure some smart guys may know more precisely where I should start :)

Further games you should play: The interesting losers

27 May 2006 - 01:17 PM

Historically the lessons learned by failure are as important as the ones that are learned from success. The Games All Designers Should Play thread lacks a basic foundation in the also-rans of the respective idioms, including games which were summarily executed by the ones in that thread. For example, Chess is relatively recent in board game terms. It was preceded in much of what would become the Anglo world by variants of Tafl. This game is an excellent course in "shallow" tactical complexity, emphasizing zones of control, over the "deep" complexity evident in chess, emphasizing synergy between units with different capabilities. In some ways, the entire genre of adventure games is an also-ran in video game terms. Its ideas have been coopted into several other "genres" by games like Deus Ex and even certain platformers. At the same time, playing at least one of the old adventure games, with their extreme reliance on puzzles (to the exclusion of all other tools in most cases) is an object lesson in game design that is extremely valuable for designers not because the games themselves should be emulated but because their ideas are so valuable What's YOUR favourite also-ran?

Revised title: Resonance (was: Alignment)

03 May 2006 - 03:00 AM

Edit: "Alignment" has been replaced by "Resonance" Imagine a game where every item and every ability is tied to an Resonance. The player then has to choose whether to use a particular item or ability (including buffs from other characters in the game world) based on his or her Resonance goals. What is a Resonance? 1) In a fantasy context, for example, it could be a resonance with a specific deity. Each deity "sponsors" a set of abilities. The player could choose a specific deity at the outset, and would be rewarded with an easier time gaining Resonance with that specific deity. 2) There might be invisible or only partially detectable "taint" associated with a person's use of abilities, so that no matter what the Resonance of the ability is, accepting its use on your character influences your character not only by the Resonance of the ability itself, but also by the Resonance of the character using that ability. A subgoal or minigame within your Resonance could be to try to bring other characters into your Resonance. 3) A high rank in a particular Resonance could unlock special abilities specific to that Resonance. 4) Resonance would behave as mutually exclusive aspects of the character, so that gaining rank in one Resonance would automatically diminish all other Resonances to some degree. Alternatively, some Resonances could be chosen to be specifically complementary (destruction & corruption or healing & curing, for example) 5) Part of the game could also revolve around trying to change the Resonance of items, which might in turn affect the abilities they manifest. For example, a destruction-resonant character picks up a healing-resonant robe that restores HP to the wearer over time. The character goes through the process of changing the item's Resonance, and its aura turns to a cloud that inflicts damage over time to those nearby. [Edited by - liquiddark on May 3, 2006 8:29:46 PM]

[.net] Logging methods

04 October 2004 - 03:13 AM

Has anyone done any work with semi-automatic logging in C#? I'm trying to figure out something better than the log4net paradigm, considering hooking up logging delegates for event chains, and I don't really want to have to use the AOP-style stuff I've seen described using ContextBoundObject. Are there any improvements in sight? Thanks,

What is with game deployment?

26 September 2004 - 07:52 PM

I download demos and trial period MMOs sporadically to see if things are improving in genres I don't otherwise invest time or money in, and it seems like the problem of unpatched downloadable trials is getting worse by the hour. How hard/expensive is it to do a regular push of material to mirrors, seriously? Does anyone have experience with this issue?