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In Topic: Vulkan is Next-Gen OpenGL

26 January 2016 - 02:57 AM


It is very unlikely. Vulkan and OpenGL are two different paths. They will continue to coexist for many years to come.

He's just saying that because Khronos has actually done that exact thing before...
They were supposed to ve working on a new, modern, clean API called Longs Peak, which would break backwards compatibility with GL. And , after setting the hype train in motion, they released a new GL instead (and handed API war victory to D3D on a silver platter).

If they did the same thing this time, my bet would be on Valve taking to initiative to finish Mantle/Vulakn/Valven on their own, and form a new comittee making Khronos redundant. So, failure is not an option for them this time.



Well, the story about Longs Peak is a bit different. That was a threat to cease support for legacy OpenGL in the upcoming drivers. That's why OpenGL 3.0 didn't break backward compatibility. This time, Vulkan will coexist with OpenGL. Furthermore, OpenGL will be a more popular API for many years to come, because of the higher level of abstraction, the easiness of the usage and less responsibility for the programmers. Many of them are not aware of what the drivers do for them. Vulkan would change it a lot. Also, Vulkan is both graphics and computation API. Valve is deeply involved, but the support of big players and hardware vendors is even more important. NVIDIA already has support for Vulkan in its drivers.

In Topic: Vulkan is Next-Gen OpenGL

25 January 2016 - 04:51 PM

They're also quite capable of scrapping Vulkan and releasing an OpenGL 5.0 that is little more than new extensions layered on the existing mess, even at this late stage.


It is very unlikely. Vulkan and OpenGL are two different paths. They will continue to coexist for many years to come.


The estimated release is alarmingly close to April 1 ...




I'm betting on February 9th, 2016. ;)

In Topic: Knowing my REAL OpenGL version - RESOLVED

08 October 2014 - 11:38 AM

Well now I am on the trail of trying to disable Optimus... and it looks like it might not be possible on my Dell XPS 15Z.  :\ I tried disabling my Intel Chip on my device manager, and that pretty much breaks everything. Resolution is dropped to 800x600 - and I'm guessing its not GPU accelerated.


Going to follow up with NVidia.. man its really going to suck if this a dead end for my machine, after all this work! sad.png

AFAIK, you cannot disable Optimus. Intel's GPU is the only way NVIDIA's GPU can communicate with a display.

Nsight (and PerfKit, as Nsight relies on it) really had a problem with Optimus, and probably it still has (I haven't tried the latest version yet).

Btw, you should know how to activate NVIDIA's GPU in your application. :)

By default, Intel's GPU is used. Fortunately, it is so easy with Optimus.

In Topic: Knowing my REAL OpenGL version - RESOLVED

05 October 2014 - 05:41 AM


I even tried older versions (like 2.0) and NSight still insists my OpenGL version is 3.0.



What does glGetString(GL_VERSION) say?

That should returned the highest GL version supported by the driver.


Specification is clear:



The attribute names WGL_CONTEXT_MAJOR_VERSION_ARB and WGL_CONTEXT_MINOR_VERSION_ARB request an OpenGL context supporting the specified version of the API. If successful, the context returned must be backwards compatible with the context requested.



So, if you require GL 2.0 context, you could legitimately get GL 4.4 compatibility profile, since it is backward compatible with 2.0.


P.S. My browser or the engine that powers up this site, or both in a combination, are "lucid". All I typed down was in the same font and size, but the outcome is ridiculous. dry.png 

In Topic: What do with compute shaders?!

04 October 2014 - 10:34 AM


Aks9 - Geometry shaders are useful too! No need to skip them. Just to know where to use them. 



I know. ;)

I'm sorry if my previous post make a confusion. I have skipped them in previous counting because of a general performance, not because of functionality.