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The Adventures of Mr. Fluffypants and Galaxy Lad > Blitting and Soldering

Posted 02 October 2013

Hello all. I promised myself I would post the progress on my game before starting to work on the PUTT contest, so here it goes =) When I came to the question of input for the raspberry pi, my first assumption was that the easiest method would be to use the USB port. However, I reached dead-ends everywhere and eventually decided it was better to wire up my...

The Adventures of Mr. Fluffypants and Galaxy Lad > Video memory on the pi

Posted 22 September 2013

I suppose a quick intro is in order, seeing as this is my first post. The purpose of this blog shall be to log the development of a game I am making for my three younger sisters for Christmas. There is quite an age gap between me and my sisters, the eldest is 10, and the youngest is 6, to give an idea of my target audience. I'm hoping to make it a coop ga...