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In Topic: Showing full body from First Person

28 March 2014 - 02:23 PM

Well this isn't even about performance.  It's about doing the faking in a way that looks good while also feeling like the controls are good.  And it just so happens that this is something that people almost never talk about doing well.

In Topic: Showing full body from First Person

28 March 2014 - 12:14 PM

It's one of those things that I feel just adds to the game.  Sortof like having the screen shake satisfyingly when the gun shoots.


In DooM 3 you can force player shadows on which I love, but it's weird looking down and not seeing your legs.  The shadows are coming from nowhere.  That's one reason I'd like to have your legs visible.


Also I was thinking about adding some animations for climbing ladders or mantling walls and have you see your legs while doing it.  I like how in FEAR you could see your body while climbing ladders.  It's a bit odd how in Counterstrike or Quake 2 for example, you kindof just float up and down ladders and have your gun out.



Another issue I've been thinking about is how arms need to work.  Normally the arms render separately from the world so they don't clip through geometry.  It starts to become a bit hard to have the character's arms reach out and grab things, which may be why in Half Life 2 they don't show your hands grabbing the steering wheel.


I guess it may be possible to switch the arms to be rendered as part of the world rather than in front of everything when you want the arms to grab an object.  I'm just not 100% sure that's what they do since no one really talks about this kind of thing.


In Crysis, your character reaches out with his arm to grab weapons and things like that.  I'm guessing that's done with some IK and switching the arm to render as part of the world.


In FEAR the legs looked a bit odd since they didn't seem to have IK on the feet.  The feet would render in front of everything like the arms would, so I wouldn't see my character's legs clipping through objects, but the legs would still magically appear to be in front of some debris or whatever my guy would be standing on. 


So maybe render the arms in front of everything, while the legs can be rendered as part of the world which they might be doing in Crysis.  And then if my character is climbing a ladder, switch to rendering even the arms and body as part of the world.  Use some IK to make the arms reach for correct spots on the ladder.  I guess I could place some kind of marker objects on climbable ladders telling the game where the arms should go during the animations.




And another thing I've been thinking about for a while is how weapons make it look like the projectile is coming from the right place.  With hitscan weapons it's not the end of the world.  If looking from first person view, make the tracer rounds originate from the fps view gun barrel.  In third person, do the same.


But if I'm firing a rocket or something, it's a bit harder to keep those in synch.  I've played around with this in UDK and it looks like projectiles don't come straight from the gun sometimes at certain angles, and it's not even noticeable.  I only noticed it when I was specifically looking for it.

In Topic: Showing full body from First Person

28 March 2014 - 01:02 AM

Well I just had a chance to replay Crysis for a bit.


What they do seems to work well.  You look down and only see legs from the waist down.


At its lowest point, the camera is looking slightly in front of the legs.  So when I spin the view the crosshair isn't fixed at a point in the world like it might be in Quake 1 for example.  This isn't even an issue like I thought it would be.


I still feel like they most likely omit rendering the body and render the arms as they would normally.  Then there's a shadow that can be seen of the player.  The legs appear  to match perfectly.  The body itself is probably not being rendered, but is still being used for shadow casting.


And I remember one of the devs of FEAR on Reddit said they don't use the third person animations for shadow casting the player's shadow.  They animate the character with the first person animations which aren't necessarily the same ones they use for third person.  I can see why they'd do that, because the arms in third person look better when aligned a certain way and the character would bob around more when running, while it's not as good in first person to do some of those things.

In Topic: Blender Texture Mapping for Game Levels (Similar to Radiant/Hammer editor or...

13 October 2013 - 01:27 PM

Hmm I can try that.  I just hope I can work as quickly as I would normally without having a nice script that does this.

In Topic: Blender Texture Mapping for Game Levels (Similar to Radiant/Hammer editor or...

11 October 2013 - 10:24 PM

It works in some cases.  But have you ever used a level editor for games like Quake or Doom 3 or Unreal?  Their texture mapping tools let you tile a texture with a simple click of a button.  You can say, I want this brick texture to appear on that wall and be tiled 5 times horizontally and once vertically.  This is good for architectural low poly environments like what I'm doing 90% of work for.  Imagine doing this for arbitrary angled surfaces where cube mapping isn't good enough.


Then when you have some high poly model with organic curves, etc...  That's when you need Unwrap.


Here's a good example of a scene in Counterstrike: Global Offensive




The floors and walls would be textured by selecting a face and saying that you want some arbitrary texture tiled a certain way.  Then you have props like couches, bookshelves, doors, the fireplace, which are higher poly models.  For that you use UV Unwrap.