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#4788233 Your Artistic Statement/Philosophy Of Game Design?

Posted by on 20 March 2011 - 08:22 AM

I like this thread. I have a couple of ideas:
  • Freedom. Part of what makes me like certain games, like Super Mario Sunshine, is that you are not FORCED to do anything. You can spend as much time collecting coins or riding Yoshi or whatever as you want. I think that's probably the biggest thing, I wanna explore, and I want the people who play my stuff to be able to explore too.
  • Just because it's easy to do, doesn't mean its good to do. I like having two weapons AT A TIME, but only two, like in Goldeneye, instead of somehow miraculously having a grenade launcher, an assault rifle, a shotgun, a submachine gun, a flamethrower, etc, all at once. It might be easier to implement a system where you can hold as many weapons as there are in the level, but it's more fun to think outside of the box.
  • Make it fun. That's so much more important than having the greatest graphics and the most features, yet a lot of AAA companies are doing it the other way around.