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#5174625 Staying Motivated

Posted by on 19 August 2014 - 12:01 AM

Thanks for all the suggestions and links, I have a dream game, just like everyone, but it is huge and I have made documentation on it but I have not started it. I am working on little projects because of the mentioned reasons. I'm gonna try the things in your post Eck. And the reason I'm excercising so much is because I am trying to get into the military as a reservist so that has an incentive. Programing has no monitary gain for me unfortunately (maybe one day but just a hobby at the moment and I kinda want to keep it as a hobby) I just love doing it and I'm going to try to schedule my life so I get time to do so. Thanks everyone, your posts are very informative and have helped a lot!

#5174228 Staying Motivated

Posted by on 17 August 2014 - 12:38 AM

I have seen the 'games are bigger than most think' think quite a bit. It had even hit me when I was really young. And while I have ideas and concepts for big huge games, I have not started them because of that exact reason, it is to big for me alone. Where as the games that I do work on are small and I section them up and complete a section at a time and I have gotten to a point where I need just a few more things in it to become beta release worthy I just got bored of it. Which sucks because it came so far. It was a cut down version of a slightly bigger game than I wanted to make it basically played on 2 dimensions (while still being 3D) and I suppose that is part of the reason I lost interest, because it wasn't the one I wanted to make.

#5174217 Staying Motivated

Posted by on 16 August 2014 - 10:42 PM

Hey everyone!

I have been programming for quite some time since I was about 15 (just as a hobby, not really releasing anything just seeing how things work and making stuff for fun). I'm now 24 and I have not really done a whole lot. I have a bunch of started projects and even more design documentation on so many things and only two bits of software I really got anywhere with. The first is a file sync program that I am happy with but it is not very feature rich and the other is a game that is about half done, anything else is really just started. The problem I have is motivation. When I am programming I have a great time and I am smashing though it and really just enjoying the mechanics and how all the code interacts and watching something I build come to life. But then I get stuck on something and the times I can't figure it out or I can't get help with it, I lose interest, or I start working on something else while waiting for a reply or some insight and either start something else or I forget completely and go play games or something else. On top of my apparent Attention Deficit Disorder I work two jobs, one is sales and the other as an after hours call out undertaker that ruins any sleep pattern I may have had, and working on my fitness to get into the Army Reserve (to replace the undertaking, I'm not going to do three jobs at once, bugger that) I find I have less time to work on what I want to and I'm so exhausted that I end up getting home and I don't have the capacity to think so I play some games, eat dinner, exercise (usually going to the fiance's place and running the dog for 40 mins) and sleep.


I have tried a whole bunch of different ways to keep my self motivated but saying I will do 30 - 60 mins of work on a work day and 2 - 3 hours every other day, I have tried to organise my work space to make me feel like I am more efficient, I have tried making a profile on my computer with bland backgrounds and now games so I can't get distracted. But that is hard when I live with two boys who's hobbies are games and drinking.


What I want to know is how does everyone else deal with distraction, and lethargy and time management?

#5146440 Games in Google Earth discussion/challenge.

Posted by on 11 April 2014 - 07:52 PM

Find your house and make it to a place you haven't seen before using only street view. Or even for those living in North America, make it to Hollywood!

#5066980 2d Browser / Turn Based Pool game

Posted by on 02 June 2013 - 07:12 PM

Have a look at Unity. It uses "JavaScript" I say that because it is not really Javascript. There are a few changes but it seems pretty close. Java and Javascript are two different things, Javascript being more for website development if I'm not mistaken, and Java is more for application development (including browser based ones). Not sure about HTML5 as I have never had anything to do with it but for Java take a look at this series: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL656DADE0DA25ADBB The Cherno seems to be very easy to follow for beginners.


Good luck and I hope you succeed!

#4928144 Age Old Question: Which Game engine...

Posted by on 04 April 2012 - 02:57 AM

Hi everyone,
I have been learning to use the Ogre engine, for a while now, however I was thinking about weather I should just use a full game engine, I don't know which one to use, but the biggest point is I don't want to use one where the whole game is already programmed, all I have to do is set a few variables and say where I want things (darkbasic and Game maker style) I want to write most of it myself and probably just sticking with Ogre and a physics engine will be pretty good for me. I have had a look at some of them and I am not afraid to spend money on them. I don't like the source engine (not sure why there is just something about it that bugs me) and neo axis looks nice but I don't know how well it works. Let me know what you guys think, and what I should do, I'm doing fairly well with Ogre so far and I will probably just end up using it. The way I learn is to read a quick tutorial then start making something and research and learn when I need to know how to do something. It is hard to figure this sort of thing out when there really is no local community and all the game dev classes and courses are 7hours drive away :(

Thanks heaps.