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In Topic: Whats the point in hobby game programming?

16 September 2014 - 06:14 AM


Companies don't like to pay money they don't need to. I demand more, and I have a job because I know and I can document the value I produce.  I can tell my boss that I'm not working extra hours, and leave when my work day is done. This has caused a bit of strife in one job, but I'm old enough I don't care to put up with overtime -- which is usually a result of poor management. I've got enough demonstrated successes and demonstrated competence that I will require better treatment.[...]



Beautiful. very alpha, and respectable. I'm utterly impressed by that half million figure you managed to pull out one year.

In Topic: Game-dev collective

14 September 2014 - 03:16 AM

damn. you lucky bastard, I wish I had a coffee machine like that... somewhere in the country already would be a great step. Japanese are not very good coffee brewers. They know how to roast well though, which is a contrast I yet have to understand.

In Topic: Whats the point in hobby game programming?

14 September 2014 - 03:07 AM

There are multiple psychological studies that states this:

you cut people in 2 groups, and ask them to do something reasonably fun/interesting.

the 2 groups perform the same in the first session.

then you pay one group a few bucks for each task performed.

then 2 weeks later, delete the reward and while the first group continues to perform the task the same, the group which received the reward virtually stops to do any task.


conclusion, anything that is fun, becomes a pain when it becomes professional and associated to external rewards.

Those studies are part of self determination theory, which distinguish intrinsic motivation and extrinsinc motivations.


if you like game making, just keep it as a hobby. Or, make a startup and attempt to do your own venture, but if it fails, after that its the end of it.

In Topic: I'm getting back into game development...

14 September 2014 - 03:00 AM



You only fail when you quit trying.

Totally Epic. +1


Also I totally believe you when you say refreshing a system takes 5 hours. It takes me one week to get back to a usable state (reinstall all little softwares and utilities, place my customizations, optimized drivers...) Just installing visual studio takes the whole day.

That's why I just dont get viruses. I think im careful enough. same windows vista since 2008, and its in a good enough state. My win8.1 machine is recent so fresh as well.

side note: Linux is much faster for this kind of iterations. and much more comfortable for development. vive apt-get install libboost-all !

In Topic: BSP portal visibility

13 September 2014 - 06:57 AM

I think from my sparse knowledge, that its about random, so actually the VIS algo will not create portals that makes much sense to a human. Like normally we would think good places are at windows and doors, but an automated VIS system will create portals at crate/boxes (or whatever geometry) planes, cutting a room in 2 when it makes no sense. And then, there are algorithms to optimize the portal subdivisions. Like, around the crate, the auto-portal generator will potentially make 5 regions, some can be fused to make only 3.

Note that this kind of engine are totally impracticable on today's geometry complexity level. it works only if a room is 6 polygons, and you have barely more constituting the details in each room.