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Shawn Greer

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Journal Entries

Face Punch Games Devblog > Pac Man Clone - Game Design 1

Posted 12 July 2012

So the first thing you may notice is the Hermes tag on this post. I’m big on not coming up with title for a game until it’s about done. After all, how you can name something when it doesn’t exist. However, you have to call the project something. When I’m talking to my co-designer/artist/brother, I can’t keep stating “Hey, in the Pac-Man clone...

Face Punch Games Devblog > New Beginnings

Posted 09 July 2012

So as this is my first entry, in my first blog, it's actually a bit intimidating as to what type out. Do I rework this until I come up with something meaningful, or just throw out the first thing that comes to mind? Do I go into some great depth with what my purpose is here, or do I simply let the blog speak for itself over time. In the end, I think...