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Mak Stormwielder

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Playstation 2 Linux Kit

03 May 2013 - 05:02 PM

I was wondering if anyone had any experience setting up and using the PlayStation 2 Linux kit.


I just recently managed to find one on eBay and was hoping to set it up to be able to write simple games on it like I do at the university of Abertay for my coursework,


Really not sure how to set it up so I can connect to it from my pc to copy over my game files and run them on the PS2.


If anyone knows and can offer some assistance that would be great.


If anyone has some stories about what they've managed to do with the kit too those would be great to hear.

Anyone have any information regarding Zyon Media?

01 March 2012 - 10:33 AM

My friend was just offered a job testing games by Zyon Media, however I can't find much information regarding them.

They have ads on gumtree.com, here's an example of one

Zyon Media, a global leader in the Online Gaming industry is looking to employ avid gamers with high-profile, action packed video game testing opportunities. We are looking for 5 passionate and enthusiastic Quality Assurance Video Game Testers for our pre-release versions of our up and coming internet games.

The Quality Assurance Tester will collaborate with other QA testers, designers, programmers, producers, and artists to push the bar for creating high-quality, fun, experiential games for our fan base.

Part time, and full time positions are available.

• Participates in game playing activities and assists in preparing bug reports.
• Compiles lists of any defects or design issues found during testing.
• Tests pre-release versions of our game and game tools for ease of use, reliability, consistency and absence of product defects.
• Learns the testing function and participates in game evaluations, a process that measures the functionality of the game and the specific design recommendations to address problems and increase playability.

• A passionate and enthusiastic attitude for playing video games.
• Good verbal and written communication skills.
• Familiar with MS Word and basic Excel functionality.
• Knowledge of online gaming registration procedures.
• Self driven, problem solver, and a good team player.

If you’re looking to have fun, work from the comfort of your home, choose your hours, and of course, get paid playing online video games, then this position is perfect for you.

To apply for this position, please click the orange "Apply for this job" button above this description, complete the form and send your resume to us now.

We look forward to hearing from you and building a great long term win-win relationship!

After finding little information I am hesitant to tell them to just go for it and was wondering if anyone had any information regarding them or had heard of them before?