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render donkey

Member Since 14 Aug 2009
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Does any one use mono c# to develop game server?

05 April 2014 - 08:25 AM

recently,I meet a toolkit named 'monodevelop',by witch we can write application in c# and setup on several platforms(MAC OSX,MS WINDOWS,LINUX ETC)


I also use unity3d(choose c# as script) to develop my game client. and use c# to develop the tools needed in game development.


so,i really want to know if I can use C#(with mono) to develop my game server.


one of my friends suggested me to C++,JAVA or golang.


is there anyone can talk something about this? is there lag and bottleneck if i choose mono c#, thanks?

start a topic about rts game development

31 January 2013 - 10:26 PM

My teammates and I are working on a rts online game likes the Age of Empires.
And now,I just wanna find out somebody's are also do the same thing.
Lets talk about the AI,pathfinding,dynamic obstacle avoidance etc.
Even more,We can also discuss something about the editors for rts game. Such as the level editor,unit editor,object editor,skill(abilities)editor etc.
Come on guys,I am still waiting here looking forward to your reply.....

How to Preload the game resource

16 August 2010 - 09:07 PM

How to Preload the game resource or whitch resource should I preload.

thanks for your question.I think that I would made something clearly.

I am working on with a MMORPG.
Use our self-dev Engine based on DirectX. And coding whith C++.

The resource I need to deel with are the textures,3D shapes(the mesh,or the model for the house,the monster etc.).

Our scene is divided in to small pice. when you wanna goto another one,you just to trigger the trap point. then the scene make a change and load the resource what the ever scene need.

then the problem is I wanna have some resource preloaded when the game start. and release it just while the game is end.

but I really don't known how to decide.

our resouces are make share via reference count. when the resource is used,we make the reference count +1. we someobject use the resource be deleted. the ever resource's referecne count -1.

juse look like the follow codes:

class Object
void AddRef(){mRef++;}
void Release(){if(!(--mRef)) delete this)};
int mRef;

As you see,when reference count for the object is 1.the resource will be delete and free the memory.

So. if something that are always stady on the screen. the resource will not be free. and prelaod these resource isn't must.Howerer,there is a situation.Suppose that there is a resource. just one object use it. this object is not always on the screen. So. the resource will be load and unload frequently.

My final question is:
Does somebody known what resource is neeeded to preload with the "Referrence Count Mechanism".

Thanks for your reading.
Thanks for Richard Geslot,KulSeran and all the people who have a reply.

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Help! Sort the render objects based on material

31 August 2009 - 11:16 PM

as I try to sort my objects before rendering based on material.(to reduce the device state change when it is rending!) But I really don't known how to do it. could someone help me? Which data structor should I take and What shall I focus on? thx

Help about my Swap Chain in FullScreen

16 August 2009 - 12:43 AM

Hi all I'll describe my problem at first There are 2 swap chains I have created,one is the primary. Lost device have handled and work well when they are both in windowed mode. However,When I try to set the primary chain into fullscreen(the another one not care).create device is failed. So,I wanna to get some ways about how to deal with it. the focus is on:Should I recreate the another chain when I change the primary in to fullscreen.or,How can I achieve my goal --- change a window with a swap chain into fullscreen.