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Journal Entries

japro's journal > More on Vectors and Matrices

Posted 27 August 2011

My original plan for this second entry was to also add a matrix class that interacts with the vector class from my last journal entry. In the meanwhile Splinter of Chaos gave us a reason why we should use vectors in...

japro's journal > Implementing Vector types in C++

Posted 15 August 2011

Vector types are used in almost any kind of game code. Position, velocity, acceleration, forces, points in polygons and polyhedra etc. are all using some sort of vector type. Writing a vector class isn't particularly hard, but since it's such a central part of the code it might be worth it to have a closer look. Over the last couple years I...

japro's journal > Making a Board Game (Part 1)

Posted 10 August 2011

I just started my first attempt at designing a board game. This is the first entry in hopefully a series of journal entries that takes me from the very start to a fun to play prototype.


I was spending time lately watching some of the presentations in the gdcvault including...