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Help: Clothing,modeling,Animation,Rigging,and robots and lights?

08 August 2011 - 01:46 AM

Help: Clothing,modeling,Animation,Rigging,and robots?

Hey peoples,if possible could anyone help me? Theres a few questions i have and i need to get familiar with it before moving forward on BLENDER 3D which is the program i work with. I know some really basic modeling and i have quite a bit of experience with art in general. but some things are driving me nuts and i dont know how its generally done.

1: Clothing in Games or as an attachment: How do you attach an object, lets say a big scarf or a trench coat with a kind of cloth like feel in the right places, because ive seen it in games because ever game has it from God of war to Mafia II, even Zelda. So how the heck do i add that to my character when i want to? Does it have to be part of the model some how? or an attachment? is the flexible cloth only part of the engine?
This question would also answer how i would go about attaching armor to, say a knight, or even swords and weapons, right?

2: Clothing in Animation: I'd imagine there's someway of doing this ,but its probably really difficult? how would you animate a guy taking off his coat.

3: Animation, Floor threshold? is there a way to do that? its viciously inconvenient to have you characters foot not hit the floor.

4: ROBOTS, how do they work!? haha, really though, i really want to make some robots, but see, how would you make him look robot like without all that annoying bendage that your organics would usually have. Also, if anyone has some painting or render tips to make something look like metal or brushed steel or chipped paint. (Big textureing photoshop madness tutorials, stuff that would really help)
As for robots, i figure theres gotta be some where to convert objects themselves to bone armatures or something?

5: Say my crazy new animation ready robot needs glowy light emitters in his eyes, and i dont know how to do it, how would i?

6: Symmetrical pipes and gears, is there some kind of way to make sure it gets done absolutely perfect? any ideas would be nice.

Alot of this stuff needs a good deal of info in my eyes before i can step out and go for it, the reason is, i dont want to model something that im going to have to scrap when i finally figure out how to do what i need to, because i built it up wrong or something.

Ageshero Blender 3D and Game textures: HHaaallp!

02 August 2011 - 06:53 PM

Hahahaha, Hi, i go by Ages i guess. I'm really stuck mentally on a few things, and though people say you should learn by trial and error, im going to flat out bypass that because by trial for 5 hours on something is hopeless. clueless and just a waste of time. and it never gets solved.

My questions pertain to Blender 3d and some other Art topics, such as textured models, and generally how to go about all of it.

I am already an average or less than such artist, and i have some perspective to what its like to create a character, but the thing is there are so many different winding roads that cannot and will not let me through to my next step in even approaching models for games.

Bear with me( and use ENGLISH please, no whacko Mega rocket science nerd speak, okay? )

QUESTIONS: (if you respond just adress the number of the question)( ALL tips pointers, tutorials welcome)

1: How do i assure that i keep my three dimensional blender model Clean, and precise, Ive used mirrors a few times, but i end up with some weird inner model glitches that dont work very well. In the end if i screw something up royally like overlapping faces and or dots and lines( Dots and lines... You know, veretex crap, all that.) how can you tell if they are over lapped(which obviously, if your going to texture, you need a clean model) And when they are overlapped, how do you fix them.

2: Im rather impressed with lower resolution textures found on something like the twilight princess Link model, 3d and texture wise, What is the definitive or ideal way of making game textures, i have cs4 Photoshop, but the 3d painting tool is terrible ( probably just my pc) And i know there are programs like zbrush, but that is pricey, is it not? (tips pointers, tutorials welcome)

3: I would like to know how to cut a hole, or fill in a pre-existing hole, or extrude inwards of the model to add depth and what not... How might i do that?

4: i had this horrible problem at one point in time where the center marker disappeared entirely and i couldn't retrieve my models because they were somewhere in the infinite void of blender. i fixed it once... but i dont really remember how... Help. lol.

5: Before getting into the 3d blender animation department, i'd love to know anything that can be offered, how cameras work, how on earth do you get proper lighting?( i cant even do it in a normal render. of a crappy ball or something) and in the animation process is here a floor or a setting for where the model cannot pass through the threshold or whatever?

6: Very puzzling this one is, I see games and alot of things use custom clothing and weapons that change. Are these like Second-life's attatchment system? over the last year or so this has been driving me a little nuts every time i think about it, which isnt to often BUT STILL.... hooowww do they do it. Armors, clothing, weapons, and how can they be properly atributed to a model in blender. ( attatching objects to a model, as if not truly part of it but it follows a certain point-joint or whatever)

7: any info i might be able to have regarding safety( things like overlapping faces and the like, really sneaky junk) of the model for media aspects such as Animation, games, etc. I would hate myself if i made some great model, but theres some awful thing that i totally overlooked, because i didnt know what it looked like. Kind of a vague question i know, but please throw some random "WARNING, DONT DO THAT"'s out there if you please.

8: How is CGI in general made into an animated or live action film, theres motion blurs and depth of field and all manner of colors and textures. Any ideas on how it all comes together. weird effects i'd love to make like black smoke or blood, Lights, glows. etc. how would you per say make a streetlight, and have it with a realistic lighting. Textures, i know that games can make them have fake shadows passing by and the like. i dont know if thats able to be done in Blender though.

9: hair and fur, I don't want all my characters to have big clean junky cartoon hair( and even if they all did, they need more depth with some extra work), and at the same time not have to model every last strand of complicated hairs, What if i want to make a Bear, and he needs bear hair. Ive seen games like Soul Calibur 4 use something that looks like a alpha texture on an object, but to make it flex, and low poly.

10: Can i render or create some kind of (ink in water ) black smoke, if so, and how. and if i wanted to take a picture of it how would i keep said smoke from going where i dont want it to.


I'm fairly new to blender, but i hope to create sculptures and art that could easilly be used later in games or animations, which is why i want to get all the info i can soak up. as i love the prospect of making cartoon characters, and suits of scifi armor, and really anything i want, and being able to use and apply it into any form, Adding bones so i can use this highly detailed model and apply it to a Sculpture involving several other rigged characters.

A Newbie, A Vision, No budget.

22 June 2011 - 06:32 AM

Hello everyone, my name is obviously Ageshero, And i have an extremely bad habbit of biting off way more than i could ever chew.

Go easy on me, dont use fancy words(cause you are smarter than to waste that kind of time on me, haha.) No crazy lingo that anyone outside your hobby could ever understand, and if you going to use it, tell me what it means.(Also, there's a whole load of elitist jerks that keep pointing out some how, no matter how i write, that my post is a wall of letters, Get the hell over it okay? Hahahaha.)

Okay, So here is the point, i want to make a 2D Action/Adventure/ RPG video game, Top down probably. I'm aware of engines like Gamemaker, but it seems a bit annoying... and i don't know if its what i want.
I have no Coding or programing experience, lets even assume that i don't even know what that is.

I'm sure there are plenty of problems to have to work through as i go on with the project that i want, It's probably going to be a pc only game, though getting it to work as a homebrew title for some random device would be absolutely wonderful.

I've pretty much got my head wrapped well around the aspects of Art, pixels, Animation, and im working on getting a fluid work flow and understanding music composition programs and sound effects for a classic feel, being a painter and general character artist etc, and also a musician, im ontop of that.


So what i need is some sources on what i should do to start learning how i would make a game. Or a really stretchy game engine that will let me do whatever i want ( Anything that is more flexible than RPGMAKERVX which is seems pretty limited and feels like i havent made my own game at all in any way. And might be the same if not easier than GAMEMAKER)

If i find that game maker is really what i want, what am i able and not able to do inside of this. I dont want "THIS GAME WAS MADE WITH GAMEMAKER" slapped on to some poorly designed and ugly loading screen. I figure theres probably a way to remove it.

So basically in the end im asking if there are any programs i should be aware that will help me make my game, but not take the development abilities away from me.

I want to be able to make cutscenes, and interesting title screens and things. If anyone has some help of any kind, please throw it at me.

Earthbound is the best example, a game pretty similar to the style and function of what i want.
(info like, how on earth did they make things Flash, move, animate, The crazy little background motion effects)


Another little bit of info, If gamemaker is my option, I want to make it look like game maker was never even there. I dont want framerate Defying smooth motions that destract entirely from the pixelly style of the game either.

Hope this wasnt to confusing, any help is appreciated ( im not a rocket scientist, speak english please.)

Need Serious Help.

04 September 2009 - 06:50 PM

I am completely new to game design, i have no idea what the lingo is for things, nor do i know what the process of codes are, or if i have to read them, or if i even can, or where to begin. I have had only smidgens of experience with a program called Rpgmaker vx which i found easy to use and fun. Though i was so limited in what i wanted, i simply got angry with it all. I want to create Role playing games, and action adventure games preferabley. Most importantly to me , before doing anything, i want to know the level of magnitude of what im getting into, if this whole game creation is way over my head. im fairly un educated in the whole idea, but i do know that i am an arist, musician, Visionary(despite the cocky sounding word, its what i find describes the way i work) and someone who can really dream, write and over all create. Basically, i want to know how i can transfer my ideas into video game format into, not only a fun game with good and easy to use ways, but also in story. Even more so, i wish to learn how the original Super Nintendo titles were created, as i have been searching how on Google time after time, i gave up and now ask here, a simple series of questions on this post. as well as hope to get a link, or even a personal guide to show me here to begin Hands down very basics of how the heck to create something... is it a mind boggling complexity of Letters numbers and random patterns that create a shape and color? or do i actually just make what i need and go on. i have no clue. Bare in mind, i love 3d games,(assassin's creed, ect. action wise) but i have no such skill in 3d models, (obviously i would like that skill concerning the creativity i wish to have put out) But i know it is far to hard im sure, so i go in saying.... I want to create games with almost, if not the same engine( if i even know what it really is) as my favorite classic titles. Seeing as this is the modern age, and everything has stepped game design to a new level, i take it there must be some technology that makes these games easier to make though i do not expected to be easy, And if not easy, a great amount of time must be put into it. Games like: ___________________________ Chrono trigger Secret of mana Final fantasy 7(some 3d, some not) Super metroid Metroid games in general Classic sonic the hedgehog games 1 to 3 Earthbound(Mother series) ___________________________ Im sure ill have some scorning ahead of me, and it would be a thousand times harder without some form of person to person help, or someone telling me what i am doing wrong or write...so......Yes! Help please. Opinions if you wish. but the one thing i wish to know is how they make the classic Super Nintendo games, or even Game boy Advanced games like Metroid fusion. I have tons of ideas always brewing for games, i write the basics down and wait till i have the knowledge. skill or ability myself, if not someone who can do it for me in collaboration... I just want to make art. nothing else, and its all for fun. i cant imagine making a game couldn't be fun, just thinking how many people would enjoy it. laugh, cry, Cry again but in anger of how hard it is, and then elation when they finish it. (P.S. I would like to know how to actually create, maybe even roms for existing emulators, Snes, Gba, Ds, Ect. or even put them into a format to play them on the actual systems some how.)