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#5031437 Game management

Posted by GWDev on 12 February 2013 - 09:27 AM

A (classroom) way to get startet with organising your code in a OOP way would be to to write down the details of your game.


There is a gameboard.

It is divided into 9 squares.

3 times 3 squares.

The game is played by two players.

One player uses X as marker.

One player uses O as marker.

The player take turns alternating.

The player with three markers in a line wins.

The line can be horizontal, vertical, diagonal.


Might have forgotten some things.


Now you start looking at the summary you have.


There is a gameboard => gameboard class

It is divided into 9 squares. =>  square class

3 times 3 squares. =>  gameboard needs to keep track of 9 squares in 3 times 3 alignment

The game is played by two players. =>  player class

One player uses X as marker. One player uses O as marker. => player class needs to keep track of used marker by player => gameboard needs to store the placed marker and position

The player take turns alternating. => main class / game loop needs information about active player

The player with three markers in a line wins. The line can be horizontal, vertical, diagonal. => main class / game loop needs to check condition every loop.


So gameboard class could double as main or game class.

Gets a 3 x 3 datastructure that takes square / tile object

square / tile object gets property playermarker symbol and getter and setter

player object gets properties for playername, playermarker symbol

and so on ....


And so you continue until you have everything (entities, functionality, etc.) that is in you game written down and placed in some class / function / functions file.


If you are unsure after doing that, you can upload the document / diagramm (UML) here and get feedback.



#4980357 License server and open ports

Posted by GWDev on 15 September 2012 - 07:12 AM

Will it be really bad if I ask the user to enter his MAC address on my future website (right after he inputs his username, company name, etc.) instead of doing it automatically?

This might be a problem with business customers. The one buying the license might not know this information.
E.g. I simply tell IT Service to buy X of that and Y of this, but usually i do not include the MAC Adresses. And to be honest, this extra work to collect all the information (computers might not be delivered for new employees. Existing ones are changed every few years), i would do this for an absolute must have software. Otherwise i would simply choose to buy a different product (if available).
If you are not sure about the price of your software now, this might be something to think about before you invest time in a license server.
You could simply offer a company or site license and be done with this problem. This is only a problem with really expensive software.

#4966193 Laptop Advice!

Posted by GWDev on 04 August 2012 - 04:14 PM


i think the Lenovo Y580 might be an option.

+ i7 3rd Generation (Quad Core)
+ GTX 660M (2GB)
+ 8GB
+ Full HD Display (the new ones)

- Heavy (2.8 kg)
- 15.6 screen. Too big to carry around all day.
- Not available at the moment (est. september)

Starts at 799,-- Euros.

Personally i would prefer something smaller and lighter. Like 12.1 or 13.3 display and under 2kg. But it is not easy to find notebooks with power in this size. Most are Ultrabooks. Nice to look at, but with U-series CPUs and a really small (dedicated) GPU at best.
I like the Schenker (XMG) A102, but it has no DVD drive and costs more than 1000 Euros with the i7 and GT650M. With an i5 you might find some cheaper models.


#4863816 Question about C# components for game

Posted by GWDev on 20 September 2011 - 08:29 AM

Hello cardician,

if you are happy to make this game with WPF than you should have a look at the Grid class. There are some variants out there so you might find something really close to what you need.


XNA would be a different way to approach the problem. But as you are saying, that you are doing this game to learn something new, i would recommend XNA. :)