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XAudio2: FXMasteringLimiter produces clipping ?!

08 April 2011 - 10:38 AM


I am using XAudio2 2.6 and I noticed many of my sounds are having slight glitches at the end. When I disabled my FXMasteringLimiter all clipping and glitches/clicks/pops at the end of the sounds were gone. But I need to have a compressor/limiter to prevent the peaks when too many sounds are playing.

Quote from someone: "The mastering limiter applies a dynamic volume-adjusting algorithm that helps ensure that mixing lots of sounds never clips, and therefore avoids the distortion. On one project of mine, it completely cured some horrible distortion when a lot was going on."

So how come the internal XAudio2 XAPO is so weak that it actutally does produce glitches when being used? I am doing something wrong?



XAudio2, XAPOFX Effects and VolumeCurves

11 September 2009 - 06:36 AM

Hello, I am using XAudio2 and have two questions about the built-in effects. 1) XAudio2 built-in effect: "Volume Meter". For what reason can this be useful or needed (in a game)? This can just display volume levels? 2) In XAPO, there is a XAPOFX class having a few more effects. I do understand these except one: "FXMasteringLimiter" -> A volume limiter. For what reason should I use a volume limiter, if I can control the volumes manually on each SourceVoice? What kind of reason should I have to put this on a MasteringVoice? What kind of goal can I reach with this? Last but not least: Does someone have experiences with volumecurves in XAudio2 (especially X3DAudio) to control the volume rolloffs per distances? How do I set the maximum volume distance per each emitter, does every emitter need to have it's own volumecurve then? The CurveDistanceScaler factor shouldn't be changed, when it's correctly setup? Thanks for any help. Regards, Iveco