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Got sidetracked in implementing MP3 decoding. Surprisingly I managed to make a decoder for DSD Stream Format files. DSD over PCM. It is sounding good now, but is a bit noisy. Hopefully I will manage to make a low pass FIR filter to get rid of the noise.
Aug 29 2014 02:06 PM
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    I need a break to think... If I choose 15 taps, it sounds ok-ish. If I choose 7 taps, I get a noise floor that sounds almost as loud as the music. If I choose 63 taps, I get almost no noise, but the music sounds muddled. I am using only a Hamming window now. I am fearing that the trick I am using to optimise the processing speed is introducing the noise. If I don't optimise, my computer is not fast enough to process the music in real time... Break time!
    Aug 29 2014 03:09 PM
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    It's almost there!! So crisp and nice sound now. Just a little hint of noise left that I can barely perceive that needs work now. I was wrong about my computer not being able to do all this processing. Just made a bit smarter algorithm, and 1 bit audio @ 2.8 MHz churns through, just using about 10% CPU on my ultra slow computer. So happy now! Never thought I would make this in one day.
    Aug 29 2014 07:46 PM

Refactor, refactor refactor. Finally at a satisfactory stage of my audio player. Flac is working, next challenge MP3 decoding from scratch..
Aug 25 2014 11:22 AM