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#5149076 Can someone give me a quick code review for HTML5 site?

Posted by on 23 April 2014 - 05:04 PM

You didn't include the .sln or the .csproj files as part of your commit - so it's impossible for anyone reviewing this to actually be able to compile and run your project. Without that, we're limited to just looking at the code and guessing at what it's supposed to do and how it's all supposed to fit together.  I suggest you grab the .gitignore file from here:




Save it to your project root, and then commit anything that it doesn't filter out.


Also, are you using ASP.NET MVC proper, or are you using ASP.NET WebForms but with an MVC-like architecture?  I can't really tell because you got .a cshtml file with what appears to be Razor syntax, and you're calling it the "controller" (slash "code behind").  Controllers should have a .cs extension (they're classes that inherit from the Controller class, and have methods that return ActionResults), and they shouldn't have Razor in them - so that really looks more like a view. Also, there is no concept of "code behind" in ASP.NET MVC.  So I'm guessing you might be using WebForms?  But then you would have .aspx files, not .cshtml.  So in short, I'm a bit confused - you seem to be mixing or misusing frameworks here.  Or maybe it's me who's losing my mind.  (Please inform me immediately if that appears to be the case.)  If you're intending to use MVC, then I strongly suggest you work your way through some tutorials first.

#5114740 Looking for guidance for web-based game/platform development

Posted by on 05 December 2013 - 07:43 PM

So, to clarify, are you looking to make an HTML5/WebGL game engine (along with a proof of concept game)? Or something more like GameMaker, where people can design games using a simple drag-and-drop style interface without code, but web-based?  Or are you just looking to make a basic proof-of-concept game that's open to expansion?


As far as game engines go, you should check out Babylon.js.


I'm sure there are good examples out there of something closer to GameMaker, but perhaps someone else could speak of those - I haven't tried any.


As far as proof of concept style games, check out BrowserQuest.  There's a forkof it on GitHub that's still under active development.

#4924456 Parsing String sometimes doesn't work.

Posted by on 22 March 2012 - 04:43 PM

The null character is not considered whitespace in Java. You'll either have to adjust your regex to "[\0\\s]+", or clean up your input data files (if you have that option).