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Independent clip() in Multiple Render Targets

16 August 2012 - 04:48 AM


a few days ago I introduced Multiple Render Targets (MRT) to my render.
In the previous implementation I used the clip() HLSL function to perform alpha testing in my pixel shader. The problem is that now, when using MRT I want to use the clip on the first render target but not on the other ones. If I use the clip function it clips not only the first render target but also the other ones.

Is there any way to specify which render targets should be clipped and which not? Or is there a way to specify "not drawing" as the return color of an specific render target?

I'm using DirectX9.

Thank you in advance,


Master Degree on Videogame Programming

15 October 2009 - 07:21 AM

Hello everybody! I'm a student of last year of Computer Sciences from Spain. Now I find myself deciding what to do in the future and after some thinking I've decided to take a Master Degree in Videogame Programming (or Developing or Designing or whatever they want to call it). There are some Masters in Spain but here game developing is still not so important and I think doing my Master in Spain wouldn't be the best idea. I'm telling this without knowing too much so maybe that's not true but that's what I think... So, I would like to know which Universities (not only in Europe but around the World) do you think that offer good Masters in Videogames. Thank you in advance!