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#5153867 Asking permission to use someone's picture

Posted by on 15 May 2014 - 06:56 PM

Hello everyone,


I'm in the process of creating a mobile game for android and IOS (Actually finished the android one) but in this game, I'm planning on using some people's pictures, most of them are my friends.


The thing is, I'm hoping for this game to make it a little big and I'm just wondering would that affect me in the future and whether a simple message of saying "yes you can use my picture for this game" is enough.

#4945110 SDL_net and C++ server tutorial

Posted by on 31 May 2012 - 04:33 PM

C++ and SDL_net Server with python client. (Networking for client/server)

Hello everyone

If you are wanting to create an online game using blender, you may of heard that to have a fast server, you should create it in C++.

Well many people also work with the networking library called SDL_net but it is very hard to get start with it. I have created a tutorial which will get you started and creating your own server using C++ and SDL_net from scratch.

Knowledge of C++ would be very good since this isn't easy stuff but I did start it off assuming you are new to this.

I also created a simple python client for the reason that you can implement it into blender to create your own game and using a powerful C++ server.

check out and tell me what you think of the tutorial

#4738994 SDL_net Tutorials or code

Posted by on 28 November 2010 - 09:29 PM

are you stupid :@
that game company recruiting has nothing to do with the thread. it is a signature.

if you don't want to help then don't comment.

who said I don't know nothing about programming and all the stuff you listed. I was just wondering if there are any good tutorials around for SDL_net. whats networking got to do with 3d and collission and who said I don't know any of them?

you don't sound very proffessional yourself. you are meant to be a moderator to help people and stop people flaiming on threads but you are the one who's flaiming me.

anyway if someone is willing to help me and many others who are in the same situation looking for guidance for SDL_net then please comment thankyou

#589013 SDL_net Tutorials or code

Posted by on 28 November 2010 - 06:32 AM

I have looked everywhere for decent tutorial or sourcecode for how to use the networking library SDL_net but I didn't manage to find anything to learn from.

I found the tutorial http://gpwiki.org/index.php/SDL:Tutorial:Using_SDL_net not helpful at all and when I try to run the program, it uses allot of memory and the whole PC run's very slowly.

I hope someone could help me with this.

thankyou in advance.