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Skill/Spell effects

16 June 2014 - 04:46 PM



Well, I've tried to find some simlar topics, but I can't. Probably I can't search :D This topic was my best hit.


So I've just done my basic particle system: I have an emitter which has direction, start/end values (like color, speed, size, ...) and a delay time between emitting particles. However, I'm just wondering how the computer games make their "own effects" for different skills. I mean, I can't use particle system for every spells.


I'm playing with LoL and it has a lot of different skills. For example here is Katarina's abilities. These are not particles. Are they using simple meshes (some quads) with animated textures with alpha blending? How should I handle these kind of effects?


And another one: if I have to use meshes and/or particles, how should I manage the different abilities? Now I have a base class (called Ability) and the different skills are inherited from it. In these classes I can handle the different particle emitters and actions. Is it a "normal" system or is there any better?


Sorry if I missed something or it's a duplicated topic.

Could you please give me some advice?

Deferred shading position reconstruction change

09 April 2014 - 01:27 AM



The position reconstruction is currently working but I want to change it.


I'm using linear depth, so I can easly get an "eye ray" and use it to recostruct the position.

It works for directional lights and point lights if drawn by a fullscreen quad + scissor test. However I want to change the scissor-test-based point light into sphere geometry drawing.


The main problem is that the directional light pass is still drawn by a fullscreen quad and the two different approaches need two different depth value.


Now I'm storing the depth value as (ViewPos.z / FarPlane). It works perfectly if I'm drawing a fullscreen quad in the following way:

- compute view rays from the 4 corner of the far plane

- in the lighting pass simply get the necessary ray and compute world position:

vec3 wPosition = eyePosition + EyeRay * depthVal;


However, if I'd like to draw point lights with sphere, I cannot use the view rays to the far plane. I can only use the world position of the vertex of the sphere then compute a view ray from it. But it's trivial that the depth required to reconstruct world position is not ViewPos.z. It needs length(ViewPos).


I want to use linear depth so I don't want to reconstruct position using the inverseViewProj matrix.


Why I need geometry? For spot lights also + performance.

Get Swing control HWND (window handle) in c++

20 October 2013 - 12:33 PM



I've read a lot about this problem, but I haven't found the proper solution.


I'm working on a c++ game (and engine) which uses OpenGL as graphics API.

I've decided that I create the editor in Java with Swing. I'm using JDK 1.7 x86 version (but I'm on Win7 x64)


The problem is that I need the handle (HWND) of the "preview control" (a simple JPanel) in the c++ code (to initialize the OpenGL).

I know how the native wrapper works, the problem is the HWND getting.


I've read about the AWT solution: get awt, get graphics component, and get the window handle. It would be great for me, but it crashes and I don't know why.


Of course it's important that if I send the editor to the artists, they have to be able to run it without any trick (just install a JVE 1.7)


Has anyone any idea?




[DX10] Multi-View in one window

06 February 2013 - 12:54 PM



I have experience with directx 9, but I hope you can give me some advices.


I'd like to create a game-map editor. What is the best way to render to multiple "areas"? I mean I have one window where I put controls (button, listbox, ...) and there are some area where I'd like to render something.


Maybe one device with addittional swap chains? It worked in dx9, but I'd like to know the best way.

And in that case what is the best way to determine the RefreshRate (the 60 / 1 (= 60 hz) will work for _everyone_?)


Here is a simple picture about what I'd like to do:




TotalCmd - delete file from a custom pack

25 August 2012 - 02:04 PM


I've written a Total Commander packer plugin which is working: now, I can create, open and unpack archives, and of course unpack one or more file(s). The structure for each file is:

[name length]
[creation time]
[data length]

My problem comes with deleting files: I don't know any solution to delete a part of a file, but what if I want it? E.g. I have 3 files in the pack and I want to delete the 2nd file.

Is there any good solution for this problem?

My first thought was that I create a new temp file, open the "old" archive, and write its content to the temp file, of course skip the part I want to delete, then close the files, overwrite the archive with the temp file and of course delete the temp file. But I think it isn't the best solution :)

The pack files should be up to 2Gb.

Thanks for your replies, I hope you can help me.