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In Topic: What would you be willing to trade to get your ideal job in the gaming industry?

Today, 05:35 AM

I agree that this is a dangerous attitude to take towards a job. I set myself goals about 5/6 years ago while I was still in secondary/high school. They have adapted and changed as my life progressed but I still have done well in achieving them. But I never sacrificed anything major for them. Obviously I had to move but this is Ireland and most people end up in Dublin anyway. I have a great job with a major middleware company in the games industry and I'm there because I earned the spot. I got this while I was still in college because I worked hard and set my mind to things. I consider myself very lucky to be where I am now and where I worked previously. They were/are great places but I can't imagine sacrificing my free time, my money, friends, family for the jobs. The job is just another part of my life and they all have to live in balance. 


I'd be interested to know what is your current background that you are asking this question from. Are you young and looking at the industry, currently working, indie developer or something else?

In Topic: Got a couple of job interviews. Need some help

Today, 03:14 AM

You ask the recruiter/whoever it is you are in contact with, what to wear. They will know best. More than likely theyll say smart casual but they will know best. It may seem weird but this a question most people will ask before an interview.

In Topic: How do I make this game I'm thinking about?

30 June 2015 - 02:20 PM



That wasn't what I meant, I meant how do I play a game within the same game, like recursion.

A game within a game? Be careful of going too deep. If time flies by when having fun with just 1 game, it flies by twice as fast in a game within a game. You’ll need a kick to get you out.
Non... rien de rien... smile.png
Do you mean "Je ne regrette rien" ??

but to stay on topic, I don't see the complication. You make the game as normal but just make the input for the game be another button in the game. This can be pushed/pulled/moved etc with the real world controls. All you are doing is adding an intermediary step of playing the game.

In Topic: Anyone tried Screeps, the MMO for programmers?

29 June 2015 - 09:10 AM

Im beginning to regret my choice of starting room. Only two energy resources with limted access space and its hard to defend. But Im too committed now to respawn. I'll just struggle through. My walls come down in less than a day so I need to try get defence set up soon. I'm E4S8 in case anyone is around and wants to take it easy on me.

In Topic: Why The 'Flag Mania' ?

29 June 2015 - 07:14 AM

I think the Ireland, England match would disagree with you