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Catz (temporary name) - puzzle game

05 November 2012 - 08:50 AM

Hello, i would like to present you a puzzle game in development:


It is currenly in early stages, gameplay feedback is appreciated. Currectly game features 30 levels.

You play here as a cat, who changes colors and needs to light up all "runes" on the level. Rune lights up when cat steps on it with correct color, and turns off when you step with incorrect color.

Game elements:
  • Cr: Color exchange (they give you their color and take back yours)
  • F: Color set (sets your color to fixed color, if your cat has conditions matching)
  • Teleport: Teleports you to the exit of the same color
  • One-way doors
  • Pits: They just give you their color, regradless of your original color.
Please, enjoy the game and provide feedback.