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Best way to make and render an animation in the mobile game?

25 July 2012 - 03:21 PM

First of all, due to nature of the problem I wasn't sure what category this topic fall into. If I chose wrongl, please let me know or move this thread for me. Edit: Thx.

Me and my friends are currently creating an android/iOS game using marmalade. We want to add an intro (animation) to it and we're wondering what's the best way to create and render an animation. Probably the easiest way would be for our graphics artist to create an animation in whatever software he likes and save it as *.avi or any film format. Then we would just display the film in game. But after a short research we came to a conclusion that it might be a bit (or very Posted Image) difficult using marmalade. So another idea was to create a 2D animation (as a series of layers and translate/rotate/scale/color&alpha change tranformations) in a 3D graphics software like Blender, save the animation (as keyframe information), then load it in our game and display. But we're not sure if that wouldn't be making a mountain out of a molehill.

So maybe there are easier ways (existing tools?) to create a simple 2D animation and rendering it in the mobile game (with marmalade)? Or, if the idea with Blender is ok, what 3D file format should we use? We need vertex position, texture and texture coords, colour and alpha information. Texture animation would be nice too.

How to rotate about global axes?

13 November 2009 - 06:58 AM

Hi, everybody. I'm new here. Anyway, I've got a 3D object and want to rotate it. See, I'm writing a 3D Tetris and I want to be able to rotate it about global axes. glRotate() function rotates objects about their local axes. Actually it rotates coordinate system and then you're able to draw in that rotated system. The thing is in 3D Tetris when user presses for example 'Q' button he wants to rotate the brick about the X axis CCW. Then he presses for example 'W' button to rotate it about the Y axis. But the object rotates about its rotated Y axis which is not what the user wants. It's not what I want either. How to rotate about global axes (about axes which remain the same for the whole time)?