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James Leighe

Member Since 17 Nov 2009
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Topics I've Started

GUI Scaling

24 June 2013 - 03:50 AM

I'm wondering what the best way to scale GUI elements to different resolutions would be.

I'm using relative sizing and all that for the elements, but the problem is the fonts. I cannot just simply scale the fonts as it will make them look very blurry in all but the 'correct' resolution (or x2 etc.) unless maybe the fonts are very large.


The only thing I can think of at the moment would be to have multiple pre-configured gui sizes that you have set up and tweaked and choose the closest one to the current resolution, but then again you are going to end up with slightly different gui sizes between the presets and it will be somewhat inconsistent even still because of how fonts tend to look different at different point sizes.


Any ideas would be much appriciated!


I guess another option is to just not worry about it and create a GUI for a common middle-ground resolution and let it get big/small depending on the user end resolution.

Making a Static Lib in Linux

25 January 2013 - 08:29 PM

(c++, clang++, debian: wheezy)


I'm trying to build and link to a static library in Linux (which I have never programmed in before).


The problem I am having is that when I try to link to my library it tells me:

"../libsophia/build/libsophia.a: could not read symbols: Archive has no index; run ranlib to add one"


Then, when I try to run "nm libsophia.a" I get:

nm: sa_math.o: File format not recognized
nm: sa_sophia.o: File format not recognized
nm: sa_stringtools.o: File format not recognized
nm: sa_string.o: File format not recognized
nm: sa_baseapplication.o: File format not recognized
nm: sa_random.o: File format not recognized
So, I must at least be compiling it wrong!
Here are my makefiles:
(My Static Library)
	clang_compile = clang++ -std=c++0x -S

	$(clang_compile) sa_math.cpp		-o build/sa_math.o
	$(clang_compile) sa_sophia.cpp		-o build/sa_sophia.o
	$(clang_compile) sa_stringtools.cpp	-o build/sa_stringtools.o
	$(clang_compile) sa_string.cpp		-o build/sa_string.o
	$(clang_compile) sa_baseapplication.cpp	-o build/sa_baseapplication.o
	$(clang_compile) sa_random.cpp		-o build/sa_random.o

	ar rcs build/libsophia.a		\
		build/sa_math.o			\
		build/sa_sophia.o		\
		build/sa_stringtools.o		\
		build/sa_string.o		\
		build/sa_baseapplication.o	\


(My Test Application)

clang_compile = clang++ -std=c++0x -I ../libsophia/public/ -l:../libsophia/build/libsophia.a

	$(clang_compile) main.cpp		-o build/main



I want to mention I know nothing about writing software in Linux, and any help would be much appreciated!

Thank you!


Debugging 3DSMax Plugins

30 December 2012 - 09:05 AM

3DSMax 2012 & MSVC

For whatever reason visual studio does not detect that my plugin is loaded or hit breakpoints when I attach despite the fact that the plugin extension shows up in the export list and it says its loaded in the plugin manager.

What's the trick to debugging max plugins with visual studio? Because somewhere during the export it's crashing and it would be nice to be able to debug it.

Thanks guys

PhysX Documentation

26 November 2012 - 12:50 PM

I just started playing with PhysX 3.2 and the documentation chm files don't display anything and I can't find any documentation on the web at all!

What's up? Is there something I'm missing?

The sample source code gets me started but it still leaves allot of questions.


Game Design Crysis!

11 November 2012 - 11:56 PM

I have been working on a game engine and I have spent so much time on that I now have no idea what kind of game I want to make!

Here are a few basic points I have been working on:
* Simple
* 3D
* Multiplayer
* Random Terrain?
* AI's?

As you can see from my extensive list I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing!
Another major issue is that I don't have allot of money to throw into art so most of the modelling and animating I will have to do on my own.

I have no trouble coming up with ideas assuming I had some money but I do not... So could some of your game design brains point me in the right direction?!

(also if you help me design a game I would credit you and give you a portion of any money made which will more than likely be none)