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In Topic: Spaceship scanners (strategy game)

18 June 2012 - 09:45 AM

  • As a player: I would look forward to a space strategy with an ambush-specialized play-style after reading your initial idea (which I think is interesting since there is no, maybe a few, space strategy games truly did this), since there are scan-specialized ships, anti-scan module and different scan/stealth bonus. But then it'd probably no longer simple.
  • Other ways to make this:
    • To be simple, I think having a special type of ship that responsible for scanning is enough (and a special cloaking ship).
    • To be fun, I think having special (and strategic, surprising) abilities for your scanning & cloaking ships. For example, the scanning ship can boost scanner and pinpoint the largest magnetic force nearby (which can be enemy fleet or just a magnetic storm), and the cloaking ships can make your entire fleet invisible to go inside enemy base unnoticed. Ambush bonus is fine, but fun usually comes from surprises, and passive bonus is not much of a surprise element, I think Posted Image.
  • In reality, each ship should have its own scanner, but let's say this special scanning ship is equip with a ground-breaking scan technology that can only be countered by a special cloaking ship Posted Image. You don't want a too realistic game, do you? Posted Image.