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In Topic: Geometry Shader Blank Screen

Today, 06:27 AM

I'm a bit surprised it works. I see two problems: You transform your points to homogenous clip space already in the vertex shader. Then you apply again the world transformation. This is wrong. Always be careful with your spaces. It helps to use explicitly named temp variables (or even semantics) to point out the difference.


Also, when expanding in clip space, you need to adjust that scale value for the correct aspect ratio. If you expand x and y by the same scale, your particles will get the aspect ratio of your rendertarget.

In Topic: Geometry Shader Blank Screen

Yesterday, 10:30 AM

Like I said, you don't expand anything. All quad vertices come from the same vertex, so they end up at the same pixel. Nothing gets rasterized in this case. Expand e.g. in view space
for (int i = 0; i < 4; i++)
    float4 p = mul(float4(input[0].Pos,1), World);
    p = mul(p, View);
    p += g_positions[i];
    p = mul(p, Projection);
    output.Pos = p;
    output.TexCoord = g_texcoords[i];
    output.Col = color;


In Topic: Geometry Shader Blank Screen

Yesterday, 10:11 AM

Do you unbind the geometry shader afterwards (setting to NULL) ? 
Also, for your quad expansion you should use g_positions, too. Currently, you don't expand anything. wink.png
Edit: Watch out for compiler warnings:
float4 p = mul(input[0].Pos, World);
This is a float3 and a 4x4 matrix, you want
float4 p = mul(float4(input[0].Pos,1), World); 

In Topic: Downvoting kills my motivation

26 March 2015 - 07:21 AM

Interested ? Here it is:

div.votecard{visibility: hidden;}
span[data-tooltip="Reputation Points"]{visibility: hidden;}
span[data-tooltip=3D"Reputation Points"]{visibility: hidden;}
span[data-tooltip="Your reputation"]{visibility: hidden;}
span[data-tooltip=3D"Your reputation"]{visibility: hidden;}
span.number{visibility: hidden;}
div."reputation positive"{visibility: hidden;}

Add the following lines for even more fun. It's called "guess the member":

div."desc lighter blend_links'"{visibility: hidden;}
span."author vcard"{visibility: hidden;}
p.edit{visibility: hidden;}
a[hovercard-ref="member"]{visibility: hidden;}
img."ipsUserPhoto ipsUserPhoto_mini"{visibility: hidden;}
img."ipsUserPhoto ipsUserPhoto_medium left"{visibility: hidden;}
a.ipsUserPhotoLink{visibility: hidden;}
div.signature{visibility: hidden;}

In Topic: Downvoting kills my motivation

26 March 2015 - 06:38 AM

Voting ? What voting ?