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Different factions or different units

13 February 2015 - 10:53 PM

Hi everyone,


What would you prefer?


  1. All players have the same units
  2. Different faction types with advantages and disadvantages with same units
  3. Different faction types with no advantages and disadvantages and each faction type has their own unique units

Feedback required please

04 December 2014 - 02:27 PM

I have an idea for a space empire game.  This is just a concept at this stage.


You are set in a vast galaxy. 


There are several types of stars each with their own characteristics which determine how long it lives, how many plants form (if any) and it's temperature.


Each planet formed can be rocky or gas.  The gas planets can be mined for hydrogen gas to fuel fusion reactors.  The rocky planets will be of various types which determine soil fertility, water content, mineral content and how many people it can sustain.  There will be a special planet, Earth, which will be the perfect planet but it's location will remain unknown until someone finds it.


Players build colonies on their planets.  The colonies will have people which need to be fed and watered otherwise a disease will break out.  The peoples morale needs to be maintained otherwise effieciency drops.  The people are used for mining, emergency services and for training in the military.


The player can build a military and a space force to conquer other planets.


Players can transport things to other planets.  There will be a danger of pirates raiding the transports and either taking the contents or holding the people hostage for ransom.


Terrorists will also strike the player.  They wil either be a rogue terrorist who is looking for money or an organization who will not demand anything and will keep attacking the player until destroyed.


There will be a United Planets organisation.  They are responsible for the security of the galaxy, imposing intergalactic law, enforcement of that law, imposing sanctions against members and providing disaster relief.


This is a very broad concept at this stage.  Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Mini game for website

13 June 2014 - 05:18 PM

Hi everyone,


I am creating a mini game for the website that I am building.  You have your own restaurant and you buy rooms and tables and hire waiters and chefs.


Each room has a maximum seating capacity and their are 1 seater, 2 seater, 3 seater, 4 seater and 5 seater tables that you can buy.  You can also sell them to get some money back.  Each room has a maintenance cost that is paid every minute.  If you do not meet that maintenance cost then the room falls into disrepair and can't be used until you can pay the maintenance cost again.


Each waiter has a competency level.  This determines how well they do their job.  They can take a wrong order, drop food when delivering it to a table and take an order to the wrong table.  You can hire and fire waiters at will.  Each waiter is paid every minute and if they are not paid then they go on strike until they are paid again.


Each chef has a competency level.  This determines how well they do their job.  They can cook the wrong food for a table.  Each chef is paid every minute and if they are not paid then they go on strike until they are paid again.  You can hire and fire chefs at will.


The restaurant rating determines how often customers come to the restaurant.  If a group of customers are wating too long to be seated, or if they are waiting too long to have their order taken, or if they are waiting too long for their food or if they are delivered the wrong food then the rating drops.  If they are delivered the correct food then the rating goes up.


The game itself is nothing flash just a scrolling text game and you can view the details of the rooms, chefs and waiters and the details of the restaurant in general.


You can play it through this link:



Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.



What makes a game fun

02 March 2014 - 01:52 AM

I know there is no right answer so what does everything think what makes a game fun for them?

Population growth in space colony game

30 January 2014 - 09:45 PM

HI everyone,


I am designing a space colony where a player builds a colony capitol, housing, factories etc on a planet.


What I am trying to figure out is how to handle the population growth.  Does it just keep on going and the player has to build more housing to accomodate the additional population or is the amount of housing the limit and the population growth stops when it gets to the limit?


I'm leaning towards the growth dropping to zero when the limit is reached because otherwise the player might have a huge population and not know what to do with them.